Jamie Chua regrets buying 5 Chanel bags worth $33,000 or more

If you’ve ever felt bad about an impulse buy such as a new bag, game, jacket, or pair of shoes, watching Jamie Chua regret five Chanel bags may make things worse for you–or better, depending on your perspective in life.

The Singapore socialite, who gained international fame for being rich and collecting super-expensive luxury items such as Hermès Birkins, Chanel Boys, and the ubiquitous luxury seasonal bags ( as well as the vintage and classic collections) recently released a video bemoaning five Chanel bags that she regrets buying for one reason or another. The prices of these bags (from both official and unofficial sellers) range from $3,700 up to almost $9,000!

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If you put the cost of Jamie’s “impulse buys” that she hasn’t used once or not at all together, she’s dented herself roughly $33,000. But with a net worth of almost $80 million, she probably doesn’t lose a lot of sleep over the amount.

In case you wanted to see the whole video, you can watch it below:

So what are the bags Jamie Chua regrets buying and how much do they cost?

Jamie has various reasons why she regrets each handbag purchase, and is apologetic that out of all her collection, she regrets these small Chanel bags the most. She initially says that she is trying to change her ways and stop herself from buying seasonal bags that aren’t easy to style, but she expresses only mild regret with her wasted cash.

Chanel Mini Boy Bag in Gold (roughly $8,600)

This tiny gold bag could have been a favorite of hers, she said, since it’s so cute, but the size just didn’t cut it. She said that it is impossible to fit anything in the bag. Most people won’t even have an outfit to go with it, but we’re sure Jamie has several. She said that such a small bag isn’t practical at all. Practical. Poor Jamie.

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Chanel Premiere Watch Minaudière Gold (roughly $4,200)

She says she loves to collect the tiny clutch bags from Chanel, and while this one is certainly gorgeous, all she’s ever done with it is take a photo of it. Once. What’s a girl to do with a bag that’s only for photos?

Chanel Belt Buckle Minaudière ( roughly $7,700)

Keeping up with her collection hasn’t been easy, and she almost despises this cowboy belt-inspired minaudière, which looks to be the smallest of the “regret” pile. It’s also quite heavy and she thinks she can’t fit anything in it at all. We’re sure our whole bank account could fit there nicely, and the handbag would still be more expensive.

Chanel “Round as Earth” pink bag ( roughly $6,000)

While she says that she bought it because it’s her perfect pink, which she says is either cotton-candy or bubblegum pink, the size of the bag again deters her from using this one more often. Cute owl charm, though.

Chanel La Pausa Coco Lifesaver Lambskin Bag Red and White (roughly $6,200)

Finally, the one she regrets the most is this lifesaver bag, which her daughter Callista Cuaca conned her into buying (her daughter got a similar one). But Jamie says that in the end, Callista never even used her own bag, and that the one Jamie is showing off actually got put inside a more expensive Hermes bag. She said that since she put the Chanel inside the Hermes, she knew then that the former wouldn’t be getting much use.

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Jamie also mentioned that some of the bags won’t fit her staple wet tissues. She said that whenever she shakes someone’s hand, she needs to clean up and going to the rest room every now and then would be tiresome. Wow.

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