What is it with Singaporean girls and Western males? A Singaporean girl has now been forced to remove her social media account after her profile and Instagram was posted on a popular Singaporean forum.

Read some reasons why Singaporean men are unattractive, according to a Singaporean man.

Take a look at this girl’s profile on Tinder:

This girl makes a lot of disclaimers on her profile, saying that she only prefers “white guys.” She says about Asian girls that, “We deserve respect.”

She also claims that she does not have any money, that her photos are just an experiment on whether she can be more popular on the platform, and that people who contact her do so at their own risk.

This other girl also shows a marked preference for European girls only.

Predictably, Singaporean netizens swooped in to comment on their preference for European men or at least Caucasian men.

Some really had a lot to say and had negative reactions to their preferences.

Others commented how her alleged bias won’t really guarantee her the kind of men she actually wants.

Others assumed she was something or another.

Some generalised “Tinder girls,” perhaps including herself or even himself.

Others said that she doesn’t seem to be very smart.

While others simply said that she was undesirable.

Some thought the girl was using a troll profile.

She replied

Somehow, the girl in the first Tinder profile got wind of the roasting that was going on in the Singaporean forum, and even had the courage to jump into the conversation. Here is her reply:

Here’s her reply:

Hi all,

As most of you know me, I am [name withheld] the girl you posted about mostly on this forum.

Yes my instagram was [redacted], for most already found out, I have nothing to hide.

I’m writing this for clarification on what I have written on my Tinder and social apps’ bio, appreciate a chance to explain and redeem myself.

Most girls would probably prefer the Westerner’s superficial appearances that’s why they’d rather date them over Asians, but for me it differs.

This is why; having dated someone recently from England for a few months previously, opened my eyes to the distinct difference of culture that Asians have over Westerners in general.

Why I would rather date Westerners is because they move out at a young age, making them able to survive independently without a choice, and most importantly, they know what they want in life, and they actually fight for it; that’s what makes it truly attractive to me.

Additionally they don’t take flight or come with excuses when meeting with small issues, but instead they know to survive because they are more exposed to life and the world. Eg; money and how they think.

As compared to the Asian culture, high cost of living here in Singapore, etc., guys don’t move out till much later, and i went through bad experiences whereby the Asian guy still asks his parents for money at the age of 28 and when i had a job then, I paid for almost everything for my local ex boyfriend and yes he still owes me a few thousand dollars.

I admit, I am broke yes, but it’s because that was partly the reason, and I am on a short time break for my mother’s poor health reasons, so I can take care of her and ever since I started working my first job at 20, I never asked a single cent from my parents.

Just so you know, I just stated in my profile that ask me out at your own risks, technically means that I do not want to live off people and if they still want to ask me out, I have already been honest with them by writing it all down in my bio.

Okay, what if I am fat, curvy etc, everyone needs to love themselves more than what media portrays. Personally, I love to apply make up from time to time, so i focus a lot on my make up face selfies. I did lose weight at one point and recently gained back a bit from my past relationship, but it’s normal right?

What’s there to judge?

I really appreciate if people do not judge others for what they truly are, at least they are being honest with themselves alright. If you guys turn the tables around, would you like the same treatment done to you…?

Think about it. If this was your daughter, would you have done what you did here by posting mean and ruthless comments about other people’s daughter just because you “feel” like it? Yes Freedom of Speech, but hey, there is a limit to everything, I’m sure you guys have your limits to things to. What goes around, comes around.

Be respectful to yourself and others too. Please don’t go spending time on such places to rant over other people, when it’s your just about unhappy with certain things in your life. I have never offended you guys, so why is this being done to a person whom you don’t even know of their background and upbringing?

Please respect a person’s space. My photo and my name is real and it is very easy to find a person of my name in Singapore. I do not wish to report this, so please kindly censor it and my photo please. I have got a job to keep very soon.

Thank you & appreciate your time to read this.

So what did she say?

In case her reply was too long to read, she said that she prefers Westerners because of their lifestyle and how they leave home at an early age.

She also said that she prefers these men because they are more mature in thinking than Singaporean men, with the latter sometimes still living at home with their families.

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