Reasons why Singaporean men are unattractive, according to a Singaporean man - Alvinology

Reasons why Singaporean men are unattractive, according to a Singaporean man

Reasons why Singaporean men are unattractive, according to a Singaporean man - AlvinologyIs this a question a lot of Singaporean men think about? Depending on your dating record and personal life, you may be thinking why girls think you’re unattractive as a Singaporean man.

You’re not the only one who’s asked that question, and asking platform Quora has seen some angry, and even very concise answers.

This answer from blogger Visakan Veerasamy is quite concise. Do you think it summarises the truth?

I’m not sure if making a list of unattractive traits is the most useful way to make sense of Singapore’s dismal dating scene. But let’s try to answer the question. The first things that comes to mind:

  • Too clingy (calls and texts all the time, asking inane questions)
  • Too distant, too aloof (wants to spend every moment hanging out with buddies, etc)
  • Full of excuses
  • Awkward, shy, can’t hold a conversation
  • No real ambition, no vision, no purpose, goal, desires, motivations, interests
  • Overly dependent on parents, family, friends, etc
  • Over-persistence (for some- can’t take no for an answer)
  • Pussyfootedness (for others- no guts to ask the girl out decisively)
  • Unopinionated (Anything lor. Anything also can.)
  • Sensitive, insecure, easily offended, can’t take a joke
  • Jealous, possessive
  • Stiff, fidgety, slouchy, guarded
  • Uninteresting (Let’s watch a movie… eat mcdonalds…)
  • Badly dressed
  • Not tactful / socially inept

The list goes on and on and on. In short, there are many Singaporean men who are inept at dating and socializing.

I think it’s more helpful to ask- what do Singaporean women find attractive? Because the default setting of any individual is to remain single! (This is when many bitter and angry men will say “money”, which only serves to telegraph their bitterness and make them even less attractive.)

The question is phrased in a way that suggests that Singaporean women would date Singaporean men… if only they weren’t unattractive. That’s a convoluted way of describing it (double negatives!).

It’s simpler and more accurate to say that Singaporean women would date Singaporean men IF they found them attractive.

According to his post above, he enumerated several reasons why Singaporean men are not attractive in the eye of Singaporean women.

The post portrays the men in particular as fickle, aloof, too attached to family to the point of dependence. You could also say that they share characteristics with women considered as bad girlfriends, who are jealous, possessive, and insecure. At the same time, Visakan also says that these men also do not have opinions, are bad at presenting themselves physically and are generally inept in social scenes.

Reasons why Singaporean men are unattractive, according to a Singaporean man - Alvinology

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He also gives reasons for all these undesirable factors

According to his same post, he says that Singaporean men are exposed to media that oversexualize females and promote sexism.

Another reason why Singaporean men are like this is because of the lack of mentorship. Without male figureheads to teach them about dating and relating to girls, they find themselves at a loss and completely unable to relate to women.

Lastly, a reason men are like this is because they were overly coddled by their Singaporean Tiger mothers. Thus, they were unable to gain confidence in dealing with the opposite sex.

What do you think of his analysis? Let us know in the comments.

Meanwhile, this Singaporean guy has 5 Singaporean girlfriends AND a boyfriend! He doesn’t seem to have any of the problems mentioned above.

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  1. Singaporean men by and large are very lacking in mannerism and respect for women. You’ll hardly experience a Singaporean man holding the door for woman or to demonstrate any gentlemanly gesture. The common ones are also self-centred and lack of responsibility.

  2. To be honest, I’ve dated both Singaporean and non-Singaporean men. What you described also applies to some foreigners lol. It’s just men in general. XD

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