In one of the most insane stories to end the year, we took a look (and commiserated) with social influencer Chloe Teo through the heartbreaking experience of being cheated on with five other people.

On the way home from a Boracay, Philippines beach trip with him, she found out that her beau Ashry Owyong Min did not just cheat on her with one person, but with at least three other girls and a guy!

Read about Chloe Teo’s ordeal here.

But who is this Ashry Owyong Min anyway and how could he have juggled five people all at the same time?

Self-proclaimed army man

According to Chloe Teo, Ashry said that he was a member of the Singapore Armed Forces’ Special Operations section, which is why he would be away for three days at a time or more. During these times he wouldn’t be able to contact her or vice versa.

He even sent her photos like the following:

The second photo is allegedly the one he uses on his Tinder account or public accounts to get girls, according to Chloe.

Notice the patches on his uniform. At such a young age, he already has three patches. Two of them are air force patches and related to airborne exercises and another to the Naval Diving Unit.

But we dug deeper

While social media could not be depended upon to reveal all about a person’s life, it does give clues. For one, he’s into Crossfit and a lot of other physical activities.

This is one of the earliest photo we have unearthed of Ashry, from the Twitter account of a yoga instructor and studio owner Ole Eugenio in the Philippines. It shows Ashy and Ole in “then and now” format.

Ole Eugenio is the alleged boyfriend that Ashry meets every now and then. You can see from his photo that they’ve probably known each other for a long time. The photo was posted in 2015 by Ole.

But that wasn’t the youngest Ashry we saw

Chloe has revealed that Ashry may have his own sex tape—well, if you consider a video of him in revealing shots and indecent acts by himself a sex tape. This features an allegedly very young Ashry (sans larger muscles) in various poses and acts that are not fit for children (and even adults) to see.

One commented online said that his sex scandal had something to do with a sports team.

The most evidence we’ve found is his relationship with a Filipino yoga guru Ole Eugenio. They have numerous videos and photos together.

It seems that Ashy and Ole would meet periodically, with the former sometimes coming to the Philippines and Ole visiting in Singapore as well.

From the Facebook comments on their photos, a lot of their Filipino friends acknowledge their being together for a few years.

There are still the girls

So if the yoga instructor could be the most prolific of Ashry’s beaus, what about the other girls? According to Chloe, she was unwittingly sharing at least three other girls with him.

There was the alleged “original girlfriend” who said she had been with him since she was 14 years old.

There was also this other girl who let Chloe know that Ashry was a cheat, because she messaged chloe after seeing the two of them together in Ashry’s Instagram story.

Another girl emerged to tell Chloe of how Ashry and she got together and how long their fling was.

Ashry’s lies

Of course, lying about having other people in his life romantically was just the tip of the iceberg, Chloe said allegedly.

Chloe said that Ashry supposedly picked her up in various cars that she thought belonged to him, but were actually his other girlfriends’ father’s cars. He would also allegedly go to a different woman after comforting Chloe, but claim that he had a meeting with a friend.

He also initially said that the girl who revealed his lies to Chloe was his sister, but eventually admitted that she was his ex-girlfriend.

These are just some of the allegations that Chloe has flung at him. Her post has been taken down as of publishing, though, and the accounts she mentioned that belonged to Ashry are unavailable.

What do you think of this guy? Is this story going to make girls like Singaporean guys? Or would it create the opposite effect?

If this were all true, we don’t think any of this will deter Ashry from going for and getting more girls (and boys).

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