Asahi Super Dry celebrates its 30th anniversary with the release of the limited-edition CLEAR ASAHI AUTUMN.

This new product will be distributed at 7-Eleven stores island-wide from now till stocks last.

CLEAR ASAHI AUTUMN envelopes your palate with a robust and aromatic flavour brought by specially roasted barley, which incidentally also bestowed a rich amber hue to the beverage.

Catering to Japan’s colder autumn, the CLEAR ASAHI AUTUMN brew contains a higher alcohol content at 6%, while Clear Asahi Sakura and Clear Asahi Summer contains only 5% ABV.

The Clear Asahi product line is a cousin to the Asahi Super Dry family, better known for their Super Dry Lager & Super Dry Black Lager.

CLEAR ASAHI AUTUMN is priced from $4.80 per 350ml can in over 290 7-Eleven stores island wide.