Founded in 1919, Killiney Kopitiam is the oldest Hainanese coffeeshop in Singapore. Today, Killiney is known as a Singapore heritage brand with over 65 outlets worldwide and also boasts ready-to-cook food pastes and instant beverages.

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Killiney’s merchandise range
Ready-to-cook food paste in local classic flavours

1) Killiney Curry Paste
2) Killiney Laksa Paste
3) Killiney Mee Rebus Paste
4) Killiney Mee Siam Paste

What makes or break a bowl of chicken curry, laksa, mee rebus or mee siam? Many will agree that it is the gravy! If so, using Killiney’s premade pastes can be a fail-safe method. This was certainly my experience after trying the curry and laksa paste over the weekend.



Left: Ingredients for my chicken curry- Killiney Curry Paste, potatoes, blended onions, lemongrass, chicken, coconut cream. Right: The finished product- Creamy Chicken Curry.

Verdict: Loved it! The curry was creamy and fragrant as promised. We enjoyed it with toasted baguette – Killiney style in the comfort of home.


Left: Ingredients for my laksa- Killiney Laksa Paste, evaporated milk, coconut cream, fish cakes, taugay, taopok, laksa noodles, fresh prawns and a tub of balacan for garnishing and that extra kick. Right: Tah-dah! My bowl of Laksa.

Verdict: Delicious! The gravy was flavorful and full-bodied with complexity of flavours from Killiney’s secret blend of nonya spices and hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimp), yet light enough to not be cloying. I found myself having to stop myself from drinking up all the gravy in my bowl! (PS: The recipe called for 500 ml of coconut cream, but I added just 200 ml as I prefer my laksa gravy less creamy– another perk of cooking at home- able to customize to exactly how you want it)

Laksa party anyone? Each packet of Killiney laksa paste can cook up enough gravy for 9-10 pax, just nice for a cosy laksa party at home with allowance. Just cook a big pot of the laksa gravy, blanch the laksa noodles and gather an assortment of ingredients like hum (cockles), fishcakes, prawns, taugay (bean sprouts), taupok (fried beancurd) etc. and everyone can have fun customizing their bowl of laksa!


Killiney Beverage Trio Bundle: Premium Milk Tea, Premium White Coffee (2 in 1) and Premium White Coffee (3 in 1)

As expected from this heritage brand, Killiney’s instant beverage mixes tasted flavorful, smooth and authentic. I could count on them to start my morning right.

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