Thanks to our hyper-vigilance on the pulse of Singaporeans on the web, we’ve come across some interesting screenshots of our favorite socialites’ online media accounts that could be enough to get us wondering.

In case you didn’t know, multi-billionaire Peter Lim’s daughter, Kim Lim, recently celebrated her baby’s 99th day in a lavish and adorable party.

Spotted at the party was Xiaxue, the queen of Singaporean bloggers, among other famous faces.

You know who else had a party on the same day?

Jamie Chua, another prominent Singaporean beauty and socialite celebrated her birthday on the same day. Not her fault for celebrating her birthday, right?

See the screencaps from her Instagram stories below:

It looks like Jamie Chua’s party was more intimate than Kim Lim’s, and catered to an adult guest list.

Now, what’s the drama, according to netizens?

According to netizens, they found IG stories on Kim Lim’s account where she seems to be very unhappy with an unnamed individual, referred to just as “old hag”. One netizen says that the issue could have stemmed from guests being torn on which party to attend if they received more than one invite for the same day.

Take a look:

Who is she referring to as an “old hag?”

Someone just called Kim Lim out on who paid for her son, Kyden’s party. Kim threatened to sue the malicious anonymous online troll.


What do netizens have to say about the posts?

The post below says that Kim is close with Arissa Cheo, Taiwan celebrity, Vanness Wu’s wife. Arissa is also the daughter of a very rich man. Arissa’s brother is alleged to be dating Jamie Chua’s daughter, according to the same post.

Arissa and her brother allegedly did not attend.

According to the post, Jamie’s daughter would obviously attend her mother’s wedding but her boyfriend is nowhere to be seen.

Other netizens say that it’s Xiaxue’s fault and that she created the drama for viewership:

That seems just about right.

Images from Singapore Hardware Zone Forum.