When your mother is Kim Lim, it doesn’t matter if your baby is not even a year old. It doesn’t matter what age the baby is, you just throw a party whenever you want!

Thanks to Singaporeans on the web, we’ve gotten a peek at the lavish and adorable party Kim Lim threw for her son Kyden on his 99th day!

Who is Kim Lim anyway?

In case you lived under a rock, Kim Lim is the daughter of one of the most famous rich people in Singapore. Known for owning a football club, Peter Lim has amazing business acumen. Some people say that he has “Midas’ touch” because anything he invests in takes off!

Presidents of countries get to celebrate and get reviewed on their 100th day in office while this baby gets a celebration for reaching his 99th day.

Who’s the father? We’re still guessing.

Take a look at the photos of baby Kyden’s extravagant party here:

Here is the centerpiece display for the celebration. We wouldn’t be surprised if that carousel actually works.

A lot of the guests gave cakes to cute little Kyden.





Kim Lim had a gorgeous sweets station for the party.

Here’s what a place setting at a table looked like.

Kim also put up some fun games for the guests.

Who attended the party?

Predictably, the party would include the illustrious few of the Singapore elite. A notable sighting, though, is prominent blogger Xiaxue:

Happy 99th day, baby Kyden!

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Photos from Hardware Zone Singapore.