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British royal highness Prince William caught with his pants down

Guess whos taking a golden shower?
Guess who's taking a "golden shower"?

This is not a joke. The future King of England, Prince William of Wales, got caught with his pants down when he was taking a leak in public in the middle of a polo game. Talk about “golden shower”. 🙂

Prince Dashing
Prince Dashing
Err... not so dashing
Err... not so dashing

It’s rather ungentlemanly isn’t it? Why can’t he go to the bathroom? I thought such behaviour is only reserved for drunkards, vagabonds and Taiwanese singer, Van Fan (范逸臣) (who btw, is making a comeback in a starring role in Taiwanese blockbuster hit, Cape No.7).

Moreover, Prince WIlliam was playing a refined and uppity game of polo when he got caught peeing in public – not some street punks’ sports like soccer or basketball!

I can foresee Prince William as the focus of numerous bathroom jokes and toilet humours for years to come and it will continue to haunt him for a long time.

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  1. regardless of the title – he is just a human, make mistakes, not perfect … nobody’s perfect in the first place

  2. Yes i agree with that! He is just also a HUMAN BEING! So why you guys have to make it so big??! Being a prince is such a wonderful blessing. And paparazzi just make it too complicated for his life and his big families! Pleaseee don’t make it too big! He just needs some more privacy and a room space for his own life!!! He’s just like us! Don’t you think?! If he isn’t a prince and there is no Prince’s nickname in his name, are you gonna make it the HEADLINE? Absolutely NOT! Right?! Being a prince it’s not a crime dude! He also never ever thought that he is will gonna be the future king of england. He’s only a human being man! I really didn’t give a damn sh*t with this fucking stuffs! Don’t you have any humanity feeling? Let’s say,how that sh*t happens to you and your family? Hah?!! Just Thinkin bout this buddy! I’m just so considered bout this! Sorry!

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