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Ben Goi ordered flowers for Tracy Lee Meiling before he died, and she got them on Valentine’s Day

Recently-deceased Ben Goi, son of Popiah King Sam Goi, was a very private person, and only gained renown when he married ex-Mediacorp actress Tracy Lee Meiling. But as the days pass by while Tracy and his family are coping with his death, Tracy’s social media posts and dedications to her husband are slowly revealing some of his personality, which seems to be that of a caring, loving, and very sweet man.

Ben Goi, 43, died recently due to a haemorrhage on Sunday, February 3, while visiting with his wife’s family in Malaysia. He had complained of a severe headache on Saturday (Feb. 2) afternoon, and asked to call an ambulance. When a public ambulance took too long, they called for a private one.

He passed away in the wee hours of Sunday morning, much to the shock of his family and the Singaporean community.

How did Popiah King Sam Goi’s son, Ben Goi, pass away? Read here.

Eleven days after his death, Tracy, 33, posts on her Instagram a flower arrangement along with Ben Goi’s photo, and a very sweet caption. Take a look below:

Here’s a translation of what she posted in English:

Thank you hubby for your love and comfort
虽然老婆不求惊喜 但你就会用你的方式博君一笑
Although your wife never ask for surprises, you always have your way to bring a smile to my face
I love you because you are pragmatic
When I am with you I am grounded because with you around, I can burst into laughter for no rhythm or reason
虽然外面的人都不看好 甚至还有很难听的话 但我知道我嫁给你是因为我找
到了一个 我怎么吵 都没想要离开的人 所以我把人生交给你 去创造我们共同的未来
Although most people don’t deem our relationship well and there are even those who said some really mean-spirited stuff, I always knew I married you because I found someone whom I can never leave, regardless of any disagreements we may have. Hence had trusted my life into your hands so that we can build our future together.

However, when a movie scene happened in real life,

女主角不再成为大家所羡慕的那样,有个爱她的男人离开,然后留下老婆孩子,然后哭哭啼啼 ,惹人心疼又凄惨美 ,若有选择我就宁可要他平时给我的 就一个拥抱 ,把我紧紧抱住,让那安静的力量代替语言。 我也就静静陪着他 呆着什么都不必做 不必说
the female lead is not the figure that everyone envies. The man who loved her is gone, leaving behind his wife and young child. It’s all tears and sorrow from here, full of headaches and despair. If I have a choice, I rather have that one hug from him. Just that one tight, silent hug and it’s more powerful than a thousand words. I will also just be by his side quietly as nothing more need to be said or done.

奈何我有再多的不舍不明白 我还是要感恩 因为主的恩典够我用 也感谢主替我亲自照顾你 并把平安带给我们
Although I don’t understand why this happened and have lots of questions in my head; I still give thank to the Lord for his bountiful blessing and also thank the Lord to take care of you for me, bringing us peace.

Although the time we had together was a short one…
2017年 一起选戒指
In 2017, we chose our rings together
2018年 无意间看到老公在互联网发去年照片 才惊觉是那天是情人节,马上打电话跟老公说 老公 情人节快乐… 我都不懂今天是 14/2 咧… 嘿嘿
In 2018, I only realised it was Valentine’s Day when I unintentionally saw the pictures you posted online that day a year ago. I immediately called you to wish you a happy valentine…. I don’t even realise it was 14 Feb that day, haha.
今年2019 … 也跟平常一样不会庆祝… 却多了一份从你而来的安慰 知道你还惦记着正在难过的我们 知道你不是有意丢下我跟孩子 知道你也不舍 知道你不会再痛 知道你尽力了 宝贝谢谢你 千言万语没来得及说 但谢谢你 我爱你老公 #情人节快乐 #我仍要感恩 #因祢的恩典够我用 #心态正确很重要 #你就活在我心中 #没离开过
Today in 2019, as usual, there’s no special celebration. However, I feel an added comfort coming from you and know you still care for us in our sorrows. I know you did not leave me and our child deliberately. I know you can’t bear to leave us either. I know you are no longer in pain. I know you tried your best. Baby, thank you. There are so many words which I want to say to you, but thank you, I love you hubby. #happyvalentineday #istillgivethank #bountifulblessing #positiveattitude #youstilllivewithinme #neverleft

The company that made the flower arrangements for Tracy sent her a card indicating that Ben had arrange for flowers to be delivered to her while on a Bali, Indonesia trip.

Read about Ben Goi’s funeral here.

Header image from Tracy Lee Meiling’s Instagram account.


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