Tracy Lee Mei Ling (李美玲) weds Billionaire Popiah King’s son Ben Goi in lavish VIP and star-studded wedding

Former Mediacorp television actress Tracy Lee Mei Ling (李美玲) recently married Ben Goi Suk, the son of self-made billionaire and “Popiah King” Sam Goi. The 32-year-old actress from The Thin Line and C.L.I.F. wore a white wedding gown to the ceremony and changed into a loud, magenta full gown for the reception.

Read about the passing of Ben Goi in February 2019 in a recent report by Alvinology.

Scroll to the rightmost Instagram upload to see a glimpse of their wedding video, as shared by fellow Mediacorp actor Romeo Tan.


As the details and photos emerged on social media, the event was literally a who’s who of the Singapore elite ranks. You’ll find personalities such as incumbent Singapore Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen, former Singapore president Tony Tan and his lovely wife. Even former Singapore prime minister Goh Chok Tong was present!

Popiah King Sam Goi mourns his son, says that he wishes this was all a bad dream.

Take a look at their photos on Facebook, as shared by Celestia Faith Chong, one of the bride’s closest friends:

[Photos removed at request of Celestia Faith Chong]

Here are photos of some of the VIP guests at the wedding.

From Tracy Lee’s Facebook account.


From Randall Lee’s Instagram account.


From Aileen Tan’s Instagram account.


Did you notice former Prime Minister photobombing with his bodyguards in the background?

“Good as Goh”.


Aside from the very powerful politicians, Singapore television mainstays and celebrities were present during the reception, including the likes of Terence Cao, Ian Fang, Hong Huifang, Julie Tan, Ya Hui and many others. How many famous people can you name from the photos taken at the wedding?



Who’s the groom?

Goi Kok Beng Nem or Ben Goi is the son of billionaire Sam Goi, who owns Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing, the world’s largest maker of popiah skins. These are the skins that are used for spring rolls. Thus, the groom’s father earned the moniker of “Popiah King.”

The latter has a net worth of around 2.1 Billion US dollars.

From his online data, you’ll find that Ben Goi is active in his father’s businesses and holds stake in a lot of other companies. He is on the Board of Directors of Serial, he is also a Non-Executive Director of SGX-listed Yamada Green Resources Limited.

Mr. Goi is currently the managing director of Abaglobe (S) Pte. Ltd., an entity that sells abalone canned food. Before joining Abaglobe (S) Pte. Ltd., he was Deputy Director of Overseas Sales at Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed Trigiant Group Ltd, a leading manufacturer of mobile telecommunications cables in China, from 2009 to 2013, and General Manager of Singapore-based Honjji Foods (2005) Pte Ltd from 2005 to 2009.

You all know the bride

Tracy Lee has been a mainstay at Mediacorp getting both lead and secondary roles in various dramas. Her online data shows that she has resigned from Mediacorp but had invited various personalities from her old company to her wedding.

What does Singapore have to say?

Naturally, Singaporeans have all kinds of opinions about the wedding. Take note that none of these people were on the guest list of this super high-profile event.

Some had some shade to throw at the bride and even got her contemporary Julie Tan into the conversation.

Some say that this wedding proves all people need is money to marry any person they want.

Other people noted how Ben Goi was slimmer in his earlier social media posts months ago. At the wedding his seemed to have gained a lot of weight.

Other netizens jumped to the conclusion that Tracy married Ben for his money and that everything was all right as long as she was a dutiful wife.

While others were much more cynical.

And some comments were downright disrespectful.

And of course, the true romantics and sensitive types had their say.


What did you think of this VIP wedding? Do you think Singapore would ever see something like this again? Let us know in the comments!

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Who is Tracy Lee Mei Ling?


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