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Tracy Lee, Sam Goi, and Goi siblings mourn Ben Goi’s sudden death

A few months shy of his son’s first birthday, the Popiah King’s son, Ben Goi, suffered from a stroke last Sunday, Feb. 3, which had started from a brain haemorrhage. He is survived by his wife, Tracy Lee, his parents, and 3 other siblings. He was 43 years old. Tracy is 33.

People were shocked with the suddenness of the death, which was reported heavily by Singaporean media, even just as much as the recently-deceases Aloysius Pang.

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Family mourns him

While it took a few days for ex-Mediacorp Tracy Lee to speak publicly about her husband, a report with The Straits Times mentioned that she was “emotional” and that relatives have been taking turns to care for Ben Jr., the couple’s toddler throughout this difficult time.

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When Tracy did speak up, she posted this:

Here’s what she posted in English, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends and family members – thank you for your condolences and encouragements to my family and I. Also, thank you to the media for giving us space to grieve. Maybe I won’t be able to reply each of your messages individually, but I am really grateful. Thank you everyone.”

Father and siblings peak up about Ben Goi’s death

According to reports, Tracy and Ben, along with their son, Ben Jr., had flown to Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New Year with the former’s family. He even had a video call with his family in Singapore to show them the attractions for the holiday on Saturday, Feb. 2.

But Saturday afternoon saw him with a splitting headache so painful that he asked Tracy to call an ambulance. A public ambulance could not make it in time, so they called a private ambulance. By Sunday morning, though, Ben was gone.

Tracy had called Ben’s parents to tell them of the events that happened, and they had flown immediately to Malaysia. They had not seen Ben in time, and arrived too late.

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Sam Goi was very emotional and had said that he wished the whole series of events had been a bad dream and that he would eventually wake up. He said, “I have lost my beloved son, this is a pain in my heart that will never be able to heal.”

He also said, “No one could have expected this to happen, it can’t be blamed on anyone, this is just his fate then.”

Ben’s sister, Goi Lan Ling, said that he seemed quite normal when they spoke on the video call a day before his death. She said that her brother had been suffering from asthma and high blood pressure.

His sister also said that he was looking forward to celebrating his son’s upcoming first birthday on February 9.

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