Singapore Blog Awards 2011 @ Shanghai Dolly, 23 Jul, 2.30 to 5pm - Alvinology

Singapore Blog Awards 2011 @ Shanghai Dolly, 23 Jul, 2.30 to 5pm

Singapore Blog Awards 2011 @ Shanghai Dolly, 23 Jul, 2.30 to 5pm - AlvinologyAfter three months of contest and campaigning, the Singapore Blog Awards 2011 will draw to a close tomorrow at Shanghai Dolly, 2.30 to 5pm at the finale award ceremony.

This is the fourth year is running the Singapore Blog Awards. We are only able to run it bigger and better with the support of our generous sponsors, participating partners, bloggers and voters. A BIG THANK YOU to all!

This year, is collaborating with our technology partner LiveShare (by cooliris) to bring you LIVE photo streams from the Singapore Blog Awards ceremony at Shanghai Dolly! The omy team will be sharing photos LIVE as the ceremony unfolds, so that everyone can check out the guests, activities, and most importantly, the WINNERS of the 10 main categories and 4 sponsored categories as they are being announced, even if you are not physically present!

Just visit our official website ( to catch the latest updates. If you are attending the event, you are strongly encouraged to download LiveShare too to contribute to the photo sharing experience.

Now I have to go stress myself over what to wear tomorrow to fit the “History Gets Social” theme….

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  1. I am fairly sure that I can’t make it for the costume competition, so I’m just ping-pong-ing between dressing in a conventional cocktail dress or going dressed as a Doctor Who character. Hehehehe.

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