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Ben Goi’s emotional funeral has Tracy and his family saying they will take care of each other

Businessman, father, son, and husband of Tracy Lee Ben Goi has been cremated Thursday, February 7 at Mandai Crematorium. This was after an emotional funeral with his siblings, his parents, and his bereaved wife in attendance. The Straits Times reported on this event.

Reports said that Ben Goi, 43, died from a haemorrhage resulting from a stroke on February 3, Sunday, in Malaysia. He was visiting his wife’s family for the Chinese New Year and was looking forward to celebrating his firstborn’s birthday today, February 9.

He was married to ex-Mediacorp actress Tracy Lee Meiling in a lavish wedding attended by Singapore’s political and entertainment elite.

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Emotional funeral

Aside from the emotional interviews given by his sister and father, Popiah King Sam Goi, several eulogies were also given during his funeral services that proved how loved and loving he was when he was alive.

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In the same report, his father, Sam Goi said, “I wish that my youngest son can have a happy life in heaven as he did in life.

“I must thank everyone for coming to my place and sending him off. I’m glad that so many people will think of him. He must feel very happy on his way to heaven.”

He also thanked the Singaporean authorities and politicians who visited the wake even during the Chinese New Year festivities.

A previous interview saw the billionaire close to tears as he told the media that he wished it was all a bad dream and that he would wake up. He also said, “I have lost my beloved son, this is a pain in my heart that will never be able to heal,” he said. No one could have expected this to happen, it can’t be blamed on anyone, this is just his fate then.”

Ben’s sister, Laureen Goi, also assured Tracy that she and her son will be taken care of even when her husband has passed away. She said in her eulogy, “Meiling, you are part of the family, we will take care of you. We will take care of you even when Ben is not around.

“Papa and Mama, he will want us to be happy, let this go, and have strength going forward.”

Tracy also posted an emotional farewell to her husband on Instagram.

In the post above, she said, “Thanks for loving me and our baby… When we meet again, give me a hug.”

During the funeral, Tracy could be seen at one point crying heavily and saying that she will take care of his parents. “Goodbye hubby, goodbye. I will take care of your parents. Let’s meet in heaven.”

“He had no airs.”

Other people in Ben Goi’s life also gave eulogies. According to the report, the mourners recalled Ben being very kind and generous, and treated his friends like family.

One of them, Mr. Christopher Sin, who was friends with Ben for 25 years, said that, “We are from different backgrounds but to him, he doesn’t care where you’re from.”

He and Ben called each other “brothers.”

Over 100 people had turned out to pay their last respects. We at Alvinology extend our condolences to Ben Goi’s family during this difficult time.

Header image from The Straits Times.


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