Cancelling Xiaxue? Dream on, she will emerge more famous after this, like she always does - Alvinology

Cancelling Xiaxue? Dream on, she will emerge more famous after this, like she always does

We read with amusement, the ongoing online call for people to boycott and “cancel” Singapore’s longest-reigning Queen of Influencers, Xiaxue.

After having a few brands like Fresh and Reebonz dissociating from her after her recent saga, Xiaxue has also been dropped from hosting an upcoming show from Clicknetwork this week.

Other than an online petition to “Punish Xiaxue” which have attracted over 27,000 signatures to date, several prominent figures have came out to speak against Xiaxue, the most blunt being poet Alfian Sa’at, who said that “It’s kinda gross when bullies cry victim”:

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It’s kinda gross when bullies cry victim.

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Xiaxue being Xiaxue, is being as defiant as ever and posted this Instagram post:

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??‍♀️ ⠀ Authenticity > money. I’ve been posting unpopular views since 2003. ⠀ Blogged when nobody was paying me, will continue to post if nobody is paying me now either. You want politically correct influencers who grovel and backtrack at every criticism and give fake apologies you can find them a dime a dozen. You may not like my views but I have a right to say them. ⠀ You are not going to bully me into silence, or force me to be a hypocritical woke sheep like you, echoing the same tired sanctimonious virtue-signaling crap every other person on social media is repeating ad nauseam. It’s like all of you are infected by the same mind virus. Blah blah patriarchy blah blah intersectionality blah blah internalized systemic institutional structuralism blah blah cis-heteronormative inclusivity representation acknowledge your privilege blah blah blah. Dude. Have some original thought. And here’s something that will shock you: if your ideologies are all backed up by giant corporations, you are not that radical. ⠀ I post not to please you. I post because I think it’s important to have diverse viewpoints out there for people to decide for themselves. Why? Are your arguments so weak you want to shut down anyone who disagrees with you? ⠀ I have the strength to carry on no matter how hard you fuckers try to bring me down because my supporters expect me to always be real, and to say the hard truths on their behalf when they can’t. Facts are sometimes not nice, but someone has to say it. If it has to be me, so be it. You hateful people don’t matter. My supporters that have been here for years and years matter. #punishxiaxue

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She even went on to offer free ads for 5 brands who believe in her and would like to make a stand against “Cancel Culture”:

We think Xiaxue is in her zone as usual.

You know the Shock Jocks in America like Howard Stern (he has an estimated net worth of over US$500 million)? Xiaxue is just like them and they thrive by torching controversial topics that others don’t dare to go into.

In the past, other than her alleged racist posts, Xiaxue has gone after plus-size models, Greta Thunberg, male perverts, random bloggers and the list goes on and on and on…

Xiaxue will survive this saga fine and in fact, emerge even more famous than she was before like how she always did.

Don’t believe us?

The record speaks for itself.

Cancelling Xiaxue? Dream on, she will emerge more famous after this, like she always does - Alvinology

She has started so many Blog Wars over her influencer career that we lost count. Here are ten of the most memorable ones.

In the end, she always win.

The more people flame her, the more you try to boycott or attack her, she has an artful way to present her alternative point of view whereby she will convince others that she is the one being victimised.

After it is all over and the dusts settled, Xiaxue will still emerge the last woman standing to claim her throne. Sponsors and advertisers have short-term memories. They may bow to public pressure now, but just as quickly when the saga is forgotten, they will be tapping on Xiaxue again for her extensive reach among her legion of online supporters who continue to adore her brand of authenticity.

In fact, she is so influential that some of the forummers in EDMW are speculating that there may even be such a thing as a “Xiaxue Effect” during elections times where any PAP-held GRC which she roots for will be lost with her Midas Touch.

Cancelling Xiaxue? Dream on, she will emerge more famous after this, like she always does - Alvinology

Like it or not, Xiaxue will be a perennial figure in the Singapore influencer landscape.

Trust us, ten years from now, she will still be the reigning Queen of Influencers, still laughing her way to the bank.

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