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Singapore kid planks in the most dangerous place–and he isn’t the only one!

If you’ve been around the internet for a while, you’ll know that planking was a crazy thing a few years ago. It was so crazy that even celebrities did it whenever their fans would ask them.

The craziest thing that’s ever happened? Someone died.

But just for the crowd who wasn’t around a few years ago to catch the planking craze in social media (consider yourself lucky), planking is basically laying facedown on a surface in a prone position, arms and legs tucked neatly in, to resemble (your guess it) a plank!

While harmless in theory, someone has already died from the meme.

One Singaporean kid may have taken the prank almost too far. Take a look:

Did you just see a child planking in the middle of the road? Why, yes you did. And he only got up when a vehicle approached. In case you were wondering, here is the original source of the video on Instagram:

If any parents are reading this, then maybe a gentle reminder for children not to plank in dangerous places is in order.

But don’t think that Singaporean kids have the monopoly on the dangerous instances of planking. Here are some other times when planking turned out quite the life-risking practice.

Planking out in the open is the most dangerous type, right? Well, planking across your kitchen over a countertop and a stove could be much worse! After all, this African-American woman had to deal with hitting her head on the stove and the oven.

Why would you want to plank across a walkalator? What do these people do all day aside from think up these crazy schemes to get internet-famous? While successful with his planking, this person sure had a nasty fall towards the end.

Here’s another genius at planking, who was able to successfully achieve the “plank” for a few seconds and even get down from the door–until she got her fingers stuck in the frame! Ouch, that must have hurt and would make the internet notoriety completely not worth the pain.

Where did planking start anyway?

Since the practice has been highly documented but viral from the start, the British Broadcasting Agency (BBC) says that there are two possible origins of this internet meme.

One possible origin is in Somerset, England in 2000. Two men called it the “lying down game” back then, where they would lie in the planking position in various public locations because it was funny.

Another possible start to this trend is in Australia, eight years later where the term “planking” was first used. Usually happening on dance floors and bars, people tried to top each other with the most unusual places to plank since then.

With the video of the Singaporean child above, this trend could be coming back in a dangerous manner. Make sure your kids know when to ride an internet trend and when to just sit back and let it die down.



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