As 2014 draws to an end, the Singapore internet space seems to be occupied with nothing but blog wars and a lot of negativities. Chill guys. There are more important news happening around the world, like the flood in Malaysia and the unfortunate accident with AirAsia flight QZ8501.

Nonetheless, if you still die-die want to read internet gossips, I took time to pull out some of the ten best blog wars involving Singapore’s veteran blogger, Xiaxue, who started the most recent blog war during Christmas.

Here goes:

1. Xiaxue vs Dawn Yang (2008)

This must be the mother of all internet cat fights in Singapore. Xiaxue fired the first salvo because she thinks Dawn Yang is not a real blogger and was just relying on her looks to gain popularity. Xiaxue also attacked Dawn for having undergone plastic surgery. This is quite ironic in today’s context as Xiaxue had since went under the knife herself.

Curry powder: 10/10

2. Xiaxue vs Steven Lim (2007)

In her bid to rejuvenate her dithering popularity in 2007, Xiaxue wrote a blog entry lashing out against 7 bloggers whom she deemed as the “most disgusting”. Steven Lim was one of the victims. As much as people like to poke fun at Steven for his weird online antics, I know him personally and he is really a very nice person in real-life who seldom gets angry. He reacted very angrily during this saga though:

Curry powder: 8/10

3. Xiaxue vs Esther Xie (2007)

She was picked on by Xiaxue a few times and was one of the 7 bloggers whom Xiaxue listed as “most disgusting”, together with Steven Lim. I know Esther back in 2007 when she was just 17. She was innocently attacked, having done nothing to Xiaxue. “It’s not her fault she looks like that, but the way she takes every picture just makes me barf”, wrote Xiaxue in her blog post. Esther responded in a surprisingly mature manner and killed the blog war quickly.

Curry powder: 4/10

4. Xiaxue vs Maia Lee (2007)

Both Maia Lee and Xiaxue were at one time, STOMP Star Blogers, and were paid S$2,000 a month each to write one blog post a week. The unhappiness might have stemmed from their interaction there. Mostly, Xiaxue accused Maia of being boring and a “has-been” who kept harping on her previous relationship with singer, Sylvester Sim, as her claim-to-fame.

Curry powder: 6/10

5. Xiaxue vs Silver Ang (2012)

This one is quite complicated, including a slew of other bloggers like Qiuqiu, who used to be a very good friend of Silver and Mint Leong, a new best friend of Silver. The whole blog war just reminds me of the movie, Mean Girls (2004).

Curry powder: 8/10

6. Xiaxue vs Nicole Seah (2011)

Perhaps feeling left out when all the web eyeballs were turned to the Singapore General Elections in 2011, Xiaxue took to siding with the dominant People’s Action Party and called Nicole Seah, an up-and-rising politician from the National Solidarity Party, an “attention-seeking whore with grumpy face”, adding that Nicole’s “stupid inspiration for dabbling in politics is because she saw an old lady with a roof over her head but no food”. Nicole did not respond, but a lot of hardcore opposition supporters did, of which a group of men ended up getting punished hard by Xiaxue for calling her and her friends, prostitutes (the irony). 

Curry powder: 7/10

7. Xiaxue vs Chua Chim Kang (2007)

Chua Chim Kang was my ex-boss when I was working in Singapore Press Holdings and a respected figure in the Chinese media landscape, both locally and internationally. He appeared on a TV talkshow together with Xiaxue and ended up getting flamed by her when he pointed out that Xiaxue built her fame by criticising and attacking people. This blog war died off quietly as Chim Kang’s blog is in Mandarin.

Curry powder: 6/10

8. Xiaxue vs Eunice Annabel (2014)

This happened earlier in 2014, as a prelude to number 9.

Curry powder: 6/10

9. Xiaxue vs Gushcloud (2014) 

Xiaxue goes full blown and takes on digital marketing agency, Gushcloud and all their contracted bloggers.

Curry powder: 8/10

10. SMRT Ltd (Feedback) vs Xiaxue

Noticed I placed SMRT Ltd (Feedback) in front of “vs” here, while Xiaxue’s name was always in front in the previous mentions. That’s because this is the first blog war which is not provoked by Xiaxue, but started by SMRT Ltd (Feedback). Here’s someone potentially bigger and badder on the Singapore internet space. I am curious to see how this blog war will pan out. Will it be the last blog war involving Xiaxue? Or are there more to come in 2015? Or did we just got trolled by both of them?

Curry powder: 10/10

Happy new year everyone!