Picture via Xiaxue and Eunice Annabel's Instagram

Xiaxue vs Eunice Annabel? Blog Wars are Good Business for Bloggers

Picture via Xiaxue and Eunice Annabel's Instagram
Picture via Xiaxue and Eunice Annabel’s Instagram

I read with amusement, the recent blog war between the Queen of Singapore’s blogosphere, Xiaxue and another Singaporean blogger, Eunice Annabel.

Another online spat, another flame war.

The biggest winners from the spike in web traffic and profile will be the bloggers involved and the two agencies managing them, Nuffnang and Gushcloud.

Without take side or even commenting on the topic they are quarreling about, I wonder how many observers realised that by reading and sharing the links, you are contributing to enhancing the popularity and visibility of BOTH the quarreling parties, regardless if you support them both or  just one party.

What’s the quickest way to blogging fame in Singapore?

Pick a quarrel with any high traffic bloggers. In particular, Xiaxue.

I have lost count of the number of bloggers who had bickered with Xiaxue and benefitted from the spike in web traffic and followers.

People are forgetful. After a while, the incident is forgotten, but the traffic sticks.

Any online traffic is good traffic.

Actually, it is the same in the entertainment world – any media attention is good attention.

Think Hsu Chi who started by posing for pornography photos and videos but is now an international superstar. Think girls like Gan Lulu in China who got her big break when her mum posted a raunchy video of her online. Think Paris Hilton who first came to the world’s attention when one of her sex video leaked online.

In China, there are even aspiring actresses and models who will deliberately leak nude pictures or videos of themselves to claim victims in their bid for fame.

If you think this trend is disgusting…


Blame the readers or the audiences, which is YOU and ME.

We are the ones who dig gossips. They help to break the monotony in life. Admit it, most of us like to read such stuff. I do. Do you? 🙂

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