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Author: Asia 361

Bus Uncle Is Cool, But Do You Know About The Original Funny Singlish Bus App That Started It All?

Heard of Bus Uncle, the crazy Facebook messenger chat bot that tells you bus arrival timing in Singlish? Bus Uncle has been capturing Singaporeans’ attention since its launch in late 2016, telling commuters when the next bus will arrive in a fun and cheerful manner. But do you remember the original bus app that kicked off the whole Singlish app craze? Launched in 2015, SG BusLeh is the first bus app that features a light, Singaporean tone. “I think you just take whatever bus that come now. Don’t need to wait la.” Combining that with its dead simple usage – just...

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A Taste of Hong Kong’s delight – Mak’s Noodle and Honolulu Café

This post was written by Cheryl Lim of ASIA 361.  Michelin-starred Mak’s Noodle has launched a new menu “The Bigger, The Better” to celebrate the year of the Rooster. There are five new dishes to usher in a bountiful new year and they are exclusive to the outlets in Singapore. After receiving feedback from its Singapore customers, Mak’s Noodle has responded with a bigger noodle portion. Famous for its classic springy noodles, this new menu by Mak’s Noodle will not disappoint. The Abalone and Dumpling Tossed Noodle and the King Prawn Tossed Noodle are the highlight of this new...

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A Winning Time in Phuket at Wyndham Sea Pearl resorts

The beaches of Phuket have long been a favourite of travellers around the world. This can be attested to by fact that the tourism trade supports the island’s economy to a large extent, but this is not surprising as this holiday island holds a treasure trove of activities to discover. More to Discover in Phuket Culturally, the island is a hub of diversity with something for every taste, persuasion and creed. The vegetarian festival, held annually in October that, has its roots in ancient Taoist beliefs draws as many spectators as the yearly regatta, as does the vibrant entertainment...

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Dine Like a Star with Stellar At 1-Altitude’s New Dinner Menu

This article was written by Phua Yi Xuan of Asia 361. Set against the beautiful city skyline of Singapore, Stellar at 1-Altitude has consistently been delivering an elegant gastronomical journey for its diners. As one of Singapore’s most highly acclaimed fine dining restaurants, Stellar is the playground of renowned Executive Chef Christopher Millar.  His constellation-themed creations are enchanting, highlighting the finest flavours from each carefully curated ingredient with progressive techniques. Through each carefully put together dishes, Stellar brings diners on a magical gastronomic voyage with a hint of the Australian essence. Stellar’s newly launched eight-course dinner tasting menu, The...

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How to unsubscribe from Singpost Spam Mails

It spells “I’m not at home, please come up to burglarise my house”. It’s a fire hazard. It’s buries the precious few pieces of legitimate personal correspondence that traverses the postal system these days and urgent bills in a mess of commercial confetti. To some, it spells a waste of time taken to sort out the necessary and junk mail at the end of an already tiring day sorting through mayhem at the office. To Singtel, however, it’s an essential service that has been empirically verified to be one that a vast majority of the island’s populace considers to...

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