Heard of Bus Uncle, the crazy Facebook messenger chat bot that tells you bus arrival timing in Singlish?

A typical conversation with bus uncle consists of jokes and a healthy does of Singlish

Bus Uncle has been capturing Singaporeans’ attention since its launch in late 2016, telling commuters when the next bus will arrive in a fun and cheerful manner.

But do you remember the original bus app that kicked off the whole Singlish app craze?

Launched in 2015, SG BusLeh is the first bus app that features a light, Singaporean tone.

“I think you just take whatever bus that come now. Don’t need to wait la.”

Combining that with its dead simple usage – just launch the app and the bus arrival timing you want to see auto refreshes, powerful big data analytics (smart nation, mah!) that can tell you the best time to reach your bus-stop if you want a seat on your bus, and the fact that it can show you the exact position of your next bus, not just an estimated arrival time, SG BusLeh has been well-received by local commuters, clocking hundreds of thousands of downloads in just a couple of months.

“SG BusLeh can tell you whether there’s seats on the bus, and even the exact location of the next buses, not just arrival time.”

True, SG BusLeh is a mobile app that needs to be downloaded, unlike Facebook chat bots where you can just initiate a chat right a way.

But one can argue that downloading an app is a one-off affair, while there’s probably recurring hassle in typing on your phone to chat with a bot every time you want to check for bus arrival versus just one or two taps to launch an app and see the information immediately.

SG BusLeh is available for both iOS and Android. Why not give it a try if you haven’t already?

After all, you commute daily, but you just have to install an app once to use it all the time.