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Beer Lovers Will Find It Hard To Stop Downing This New Low-Calorie ‘Tiger Silver’ Beer

Consumers no longer have to worry about their diet in their next social gathering.

Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore introduces the latest addition to the great tasting Tiger Beer collection featuring lower calorie. Tiger Silver is the perfect beer option for calorie-conscious beer lovers.

Beer on a Diet

Tiger Silver contains 24% lower calories among other Tiger Beers. It is made from a specially selected strain of hops. This new low-calorie beer does not fall behind in taste and offers the same great flavour of Tiger Beer.

First introduced in May 2016, Tiger Silver was distributed exclusively in coffee shops. Now, consumers can enjoy Tiger Silver at home, or in private parties.  Tiger Silver is now available in major supermarkets and convenience stores showcasing its brand new sleek can and 6-can pack (6 x 320ml).

Venus Teoh, Marketing Director, APB Singapore, said, “We launched Tiger Silver based on market research that revealed a growing demand for a lower calorie lager in Singapore. Tiger Silver is the perfect for consumers who wish to enjoy the full taste of Tiger Beer, with just as much bite, but with less calories.”

Tiger Silver, Black, and White

Tiger Beer also launched Tiger Black and Tiger White in their great tasting collection earlier this year. Tiger White promotes ‘Go Smooth’ featuring a cloudy flavour with a refreshing finish while Tiger Black boasts ‘Go Bold’ with unique flavours brewed in black rice.

“Tiger Silver closely follows the launch of Tiger Black and Tiger White earlier this year, now offering a low-calorie option in the ever-growing Tiger Beer range. We look forward to consumers enjoying this latest variant of Singapore’s iconic beer,” Teoh added.

This two new addition is a perfect blend of Tiger Silver that offers varying flavours that suit well for every type of consumer.

For more information on Tiger Black and Tiger White, please log on to the campaign microsite at,
Tiger Beer Singapore’s website and Facebook.

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