For those who are unaware, DBS is holding its Marina Regatta from 25-27 May and 2-3 June and in the lead up to the main event, has also organized several events for the public to take part in! On 29 April, I had the privilege to attend an event by DBS and Mahota SG – a cooking class taught by Joseph Schooling’s mother, May Schooling, as well as Mahota’s R&D chef Benson!

The event, Eat Like a Champion, aimed to teach parents how to prepare healthy and easy meals for their children regardless if they are athletes or just seeking a nutritious diet.

Here’s what went down at the event:

Demonstration by May Schooling

May Schooling started off the event by introducing some simple delicacies that she prepares for Singaporean swimmer Joseph Schooling. This includes a healthy morning smoothie as well as grilled cheese sandwiches.

In her smoothie, May added fruits such as berries and a banana as well as yoghurt. She emphasized that the inclusion of the yoghurt gives the smoothie a nice texture overall! Milk was also added to make the smoothie less chunky and she shared that she frequently used milk which had 1-2% fat instead of completely fat free.

As an added tip, May shared that she often prepared these ingredients the night before so that all she needed to do in the morning would be to throw them into the blender!

She also did a demonstration on how to make her signature grilled cheese sandwiches, which included buttering the bread before placing the slices of cheese on them, and topping it off with a sprinkling of mozzarella to lead to cheese oozing out once the sandwich was grilled! She added that this was the perfect snack for Joseph Schooling as it’s both easy to make and easy to consume or grab to go!

Demonstration by Mahota’s R&D Chef Benson

Chef Benson continued the demonstrations by sharing a recipe for a plant-power smoothie that acts as a replacement for Milo for his lactose-intolerant son. Ingredients include coconut water, coconut milk, avocado (to give the drink a creamy texture and some natural sweetness), coconut sugar and cacao powder – all of which can be purchased at Mahota SG!

The final drink turns out yummy and healthy at the same time and the listed ingredients can be approximated and adjusted according to your own preferences.

Chef Benson also gave out samplers of his Healthy Nasi Lemak which comes with a twist! Instead of rice, cauliflower is mashed to replace it as a healthier alternative and coconut oil is used in place of cream.


Hands-On Activity!

Attendees of the event then got a chance to try making their own protein bars!

Basic ingredients were given and one only had to patiently mix the dates with the oats before adding spirulina powder and nuts! If you don’t enjoy dates, you can also substitute it with stevia powder. The protein bar can be chilled and kept for around 2 weeks, making it an easy and convenient snack to make!

For more information on Mahota SG and their classes, click here!