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Hankyu and Hanshin Tourist Pass: Travel Around Japan on Less Than S$10

Hankyu and Hanshin Tourist Pass: Travel Around Japan on Less Than S$10

This post is written by Nicholas Tse. 

Unlimited commute for less than S$10 a day? Banzai!

Tourists to Japan, you should be feeling oh-so-special right about now. Made exclusive to foreigners only, the tourist passes on both Hanshin and Hankyu electric railway lines are now available for sale.

Whether you are formulating plans to witness cherry blossoms in Osaka or reimagine yourself as a swashbuckling Geisha in historic Kyoto, city hopping in the land of rising sun can be an experience in rising expenditures. But no longer does this hold; at ¥700 for an all-day Hanshin pass, you get to tour the bustling downtown of Namba all the way to industrious Amagasaki, and then extend your trip out to the stylish city of Kobe.

On the other hand, at ¥800 for an all-day Hankyu pass (or ¥1400 for two days), it is made even more possible to zip between gourmet restaurants and shopping districts over Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe in as little as 48 hours. Top it up to ¥2100 to bundle in a one-way limousine airport transfer that conveniently takes you straight to Osaka station from Kansai International Airport. With any luck, you will have residual time to ride the rails all over again. Did we mention it is unlimited?

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Buying individual train tickets would have set you back at least double the cost. So first-timers to Japan, save the trouble and go for the Hanshin or Hankyu pass. Repeat holiday-makers to Japan, save your Yen and go for the railway tourist passes too.

Very simply put, touring the major attractions of Japan just got a whole lot cheaper.

Each customer is limited to one pass only. You may purchase the Hankyu and Hanshin tourist passes at the Kansai Tourist Information Center at Kansai International Airport, or at selected overseas travel agencies. Present your passport for proof of short-term visit.

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    actually, what is the different between hanshin and hankyu pass?


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