This article was written by Phua Yi Xuan of Asia 361.

Located along Amoy Street, yet another Korean seafood tower concept restaurant K-Tower has joined in the latest Korean food trend in Singapore. With the restaurant promising a fresh gastronomical seafood journey, you can now satisfy your seafood cravings at K-Tower without burning a hole in your pockets.

It’s a unique dining experience at K-Tower. Coming in tiers of three to nine steamers, live seafood fresh from the tank is steamed within each stacked tier. At the bottom resides a pot of broth available in four flavours – seafood, kimchi (+$10), army stew (+$10) and ginseng (+$20), collecting the essence of the steamed seafood.

Catering to different groups of customers and their appetite, K-Tower has included different seafood tower tiers in their menu as follows:

  • 3-Tier Seafood Tower ($58): prawns, scallops, oysters, shellfish and soup base
  • 5-Tier Seafood Tower ($128): prawns, scallops, oysters, sea cucumber, fish and soup base
  • 7-Tier Seafood Tower ($198): prawns, scallops, oysters, shellfish, fish, lobster and soup base
  • 9-Tier Seafood Tower ($298): prawns, scallops, oysters, shellfish, fish, sea cucumber, crab, lobster, and soup base. Upgrade Option: add-on abalone at $90.

Good for two to three pax, the three-Tier Seafood Tower is a steal; you can enjoy fresh seafood at less than $20 per pax.

9-Tier Seafood Tower with Army Stew Soup Base

1st Tier: Fresh and succulent prawns

2nd Tier: Scallops

3rd Tier: Canadian Oysters

4th Tier: Shellfish – White Clams & Black Mussels

5th Tier: Red Snapper Fish was tender and moist

6th Tier: Abalone & Sea Cucumber was fresh and surprisingly sweet

7th Tier: Boston Lobsters

8th Tier: Sri Lankan Crabs

If you prefer stronger flavours, dipped the fresh seafood into their special in-house sauces and pair it with the banchan to elevate the subtle seafood flavour.

If the seafood towers are not enough to satisfy your appetite, K-Tower also offers steamboat add-ons to the steaming broth of goodness. Take your pick from a wide variety of ingredients such as seasonal vegetables ($2.90), sea urchin balls ($3.90), salmon ball with cheese ($3.90), Kurobuta pork ($9.90) and Wagyu beef ($12.90).

The perfect ending to the indulgent seafood feast is none other than a comforting steamboat. Infused with the seafood essence and steamboat add-ons, the army stew broth warms the stomach and soul.

Create your own Army Stew with the steamboat boat add-ons.

Save your calories and skip their only dessert creation – Trilogy Rice Cake with Honey. Despite the vibrant colours, the bland taste of the rice cakes did not match up to its looks.

If you are looking for sides to share, go for their specialty K-Tower Fried Chicken Wings ($7.90) and Seafood Pancake ($14.90). Coated in an addictive spicy sauce, the crispy wings will leave you wanting for more. Fried to a perfect golden brown, the Seafood Pancake is a simple yet delectable appetiser that is good for eating together with your friends.

K-Tower Fried Chicken Wings ($7.90)

Seafood Pancake ($14.90)

The restaurant also offers other Korean classic mains such as the Shake Shake Rice Box ($9.90), Ginseng Chicken Soup ($17.90), Bulgogi Chicken, Pork or Beef ($11.90) and Army Stew ($26.90 for two persons).

As the name suggest, diners are supposed to “shake and mix” the Shake Shake Rice Box before tucking into the flavourful mixed rice.

With a subtle Ginseng flavour, the Korean influence seems to be lacking from the Ginseng Chicken Soup. The taste is more akin to the Chinese chicken herbal soup.

If you are working in the CBD, you will be delighted to know that K-Tower also offers affordable weekday set lunches starting from $9.90 onwards. Only available from 11:30am to 2:30pm, lunch crowds can look forward to dining favourites such as army stew, Shake Shake rice box, Korean Ginseng Chicken and Bulgogi. Head over there now to experience the freshest Korean Seafood tower trend or to catch their value-for-money weekday lunch sets.

74 Amoy Street
Singapore 069893
Tel: +65 6221 9928