Dating during covid; Results from Lunch Actually’s Singles Dating survey 2020

Single and looking for your special someone out there?

Homegrown dating company Lunch Actually today released the results from its Singles Dating Survey 2020, which surveyed over 3,500 singles in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia.

The results from the survey shed some light on how singles navigate dating during the global pandemic, their mindset and expectation when it comes to their future dates, and how the future of dating looks like.

Check out some of the findings below!

What men and women look out for in a date

The top three factors men look out for in a date are 1. Age, 2. Body Type, and 3. Whether or not they want kids.

Meanwhile, the top three factors women look out for in a date are 1. Income Level, 2. Age, and 3. Educational Level.

Dating during Covid-19

Men are more active in dating during the pandemic, with 62% of Men and 48% of Women actively trying to date or meet new people during COVID-19. What’s behind the push to look for love? The top two reasons cited by respondents are “It made me realize the important of having a partner in life” and “I don’t want to be alone in the future.”

Using dating apps is also the most popular method for finding love, for both men and women.

Use of Dating Apps

78% of singles have tried using dating apps. Out of those, 29% have only started using dating apps this year.

48% of Women are using 1 dating app, while 74% of Men are using 2 or more dating apps!

Beware of scammers and catfishers! 27% reported seeing more fake profiles on dating apps while 50% have encountered scammers on dating apps.

COVID-19 Has Made Online Dating More Intentional

“It made me realize how important face-to-face date is”

81% of respondents

“I made it known earlier that I’m looking for a serious relationship”

64% of respondents

“I’m more honest in my interaction with my matches”

60% of respondents

“I read my matches profiles more carefully and closely”

51% of respondents

Video dating

65% of Men and 49% of Women have tried video dating and are willing to give it a go. But they have different motivations. More women are more motivated by efficiency while the novelty factor was the top reason cited by men.

Dating apps are still one of the most popular and convenient ways for singles to meet potential partners, as echoed by 73% of singles surveyed. At the same time, the result shows that scammers are also on the rise.

“This is why we have recently released a Lunch Actually app – which combines the convenience and access of a dating app, but with manual verifications (by Dating consultants) so singles don’t have to worry about encountering scammers.

the app will also allow singles to video-call their dating coaches or have a virtual date with their matches seamlessly through the app”

Violet Lim, CEO and Co-Founder of Lunch Actually

Up your dating game with these findings

On making the first move: There appears to be a huge expectation gap on who should make the first move. In Singapore, 61% of women think that men should be the ones making the first move, but only 20% of men think so. So… ladies, don’t hold back! And men, just do it!

On politics: While the great majority of both men (80%) and women (78%) would date someone with a different political view, more than half of the men polled (55%) would enjoy political debate with their partner while only 35% of women would enjoy doing so. Our take: politics can be a dicey topic, proceed with care, and perhaps not during the first date?

About Lunch Actually Singles Dating Survey 2020

Lunch Actually Singles Dating Survey 2020 polled over 3,500 singles in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand in October 2020. The breakdowns are: 690 singles in Singapore (50% M, 50% F), 750 singles in Malaysia (52% M, 48% F), 400 singles in Hong Kong (44% M, 56% F), 1100 singles in Indonesia (49% M, 51% F), and 600 singles in Thailand (46% M, 54% F). The majority of singles surveyed are within 25-54 years old.

Method: The survey was sent to singles in the 5 countries through email, social media (Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin), conducted over 2 weeks, starting from 12 – 26 Oct 2020.

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