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Xiaxue vs Silver Ang

Xiaxue vs Silver Ang

Reading about this whole Xiaxue vs Silver Ang saga reminds me of the 2004 American comedy film, Mean Girls, with screenplay written by talented comedian, Tina Fey.

The movie describes how female high school social cliques operate and the effect they can have on girls.

Mean Girls is a 2004 American comedy film directed by Mark Waters. The film received positive reviews from critics and was a box office success, grossing over $129 million worldwide. Mean Girls has been praised as one of Lindsay Lohan‘s break-out film roles.

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Without taking side with either party, I find it interesting to note that social cliques like these still exist into adulthood, way past the teenage years and school premises.

[16 Jan 2012 Update] – Xiaxue’s Reply:

Hey Alvin,

I’m glad to see you didn’t take sides. I’d just like to clarify what happened.

You have only heard Silver’s side of what happened during the “Mint” event. What happened was Mint was cleaning up after other people’s mess after we all ate mcdees at Nuffnang’s office. It wasn’t really necessary; we were not finished with the food and everyone was cleaning up after themselves. I found this odd so I just inquired why she is doing it. She replied in Mandarin that it’s an occupational hazard. I said, “Haha, your occupation is cleaner ah?” Several people laughed.

Up till today I still don’t find what’s so offensive about that comment. It was just a joke; obviously Mint is not a cleaner. I had no idea she was even upset about it. It’s ridiculous, I cannot help it if people are petty and wish to think the worst of me. I’d like to stress that before this incident and even after it I was perfectly friendly towards her. I didn’t know who she was and did not dislike her. It was not like I was snubbing her before this comment, so she had no reason to presume I said it out of malice. I’d have replied the same thing if anyone else including my friends said what Mint did.

I get your Mean Girls reference because Silver was talking about how I formed “cliques” during the Olay filming where 8 female bloggers were involved. This is not Rainbowland were 8 females can all like each other equally and all be best friends. The reason why they felt “ostracized” was because I talked more to some girls, namely Qiu, Dweam, and Scarlett Ting. Why? Because I KNEW THEM. I knew Dweam since like 2005 and Ting even earlier in like 2003. Everybody else there I never spoke to in my life. Of course I spoke to the 3 girls more and had common topics to talk about. I am not obligated to speak to everyone equally. This does not make me arrogant or mean I am some bitchy Queen Bee. I was just speaking with my friends dammit. WHY PEOPLE GOT TO BE SO SENSITIVE? And just to be clear, I was NOT snubbing anyone, I still spoke to everyone and was polite and nice to everyone present.

It is so ridiculous that the “not-so-huge bloggers” (Silver’s words not mine) felt small and unimportant. Perhaps Qiu is a popular blogger and Dweam is Ms Sg Universe – but Ting is not famous and she is a mom with a normal job, as down to earth as can be! Why would me speaking with her also cause their insecurities? I’m not responsible for people being childish and insecure – they just need to grow the fuck up. I cannot pretend to be close friends with everybody just to make them feel good about themselves.

So in conclusion – No, this is nothing like Mean Girls, although I must say I love Regina George.