Trolling is Serious Business

Trolling is Serious Business

I love to troll.

It is harmless; it relieves stress and it brings a little laughter to those around you.

Following the footsteps of Xiaxue vs Silver Ang, I decided to pick an online quarrel with a random male blogger. Mr Smith Leong is the lucky guy… little did I know the Tattooed Chao Ah Beng will go to the extend of recording a Aaron-Tan-style gangster video to threaten me. Enjoy:

Online quarrels work magic for female bloggers in terms of blog traffic (especially if the two females are “美女博客”). I always wonder if two fat, ugly male bloggers were to do the same, would it have the same effect?

Jokes aside, I am a peace-loving family guy hor. Please don’t come pick a quarrel with me after reading this post to get web traffic. You want quarrel go look for Mr Smith Leong. 🙂