This insane property is found in the heart of Singapore–where a square foot of land costs more than your monthly salary

In a country like ours where owning land is the exception rather than the rule, properties like the one featured in this Reddit thread can blow the mind.

What initially looks like a villa situated in a place where land doesn’t go for $2000 per square foot is actually an address in Potong Pasir SMC.

Here’s a photo posted on Reddit that they say is the interior of a house near Braddell Road, if you are looking for a property be sure to find a Property Condition Assessment professional to hide you trough the process.

Not only is it spacious, it’s also a bungalow. That’s right–in a country that has such high value with their real estate, the house owner wanted a home design that would not make the most out of the land area in terms of efficiency.

According to netizens, the address of this house is below:

Most Singaporeans live in apartments and condominiums, because of the limited space in the country along with the insane land prices.

But for those who can afford prime real estate, perhaps a bungalow surrounded by a classy moat is nothing but a drop in the ocean of their riches.

More photos of the property

Here’s what it looks like on the outside. A lot of commenters online said that it reminds them of a greenhouse.

Another outside shot of the exterior.

Is that a pool, a moat, or both?

Top view of the kitchen bar. This was probably taken from the loft area.

A view from the opposite side of the room first featured in this post.

Dining area of the house.

We guess everyone, no matter what the social status, wants to watch television in the kitchen.

What do netizens have to say about the property?

Predictably, the normal Singaporean has a lot to say about such a posh place. Here are some of the more interesting comments on the photo and the fact it actually exists:

Some people thought that the address was a hoax.

Others were interested in those conical speakers in the photo.

And the speculations about the cost started.

Some people knew that places like this did exist, and were able to offer up more information as to the owners of such places.

So this is like Victorian era, England, where people can “view” the estates and the servants show the house off to anyone?

While others were quick to point out the flaws of such a house.

What do you think of this house? In other countries, this could easily belong to a middle class family. But for it to sit on Singaporean land, only the truly rich kids could afford such a place.

How about you? What kind of place would you build if you had the money to pay for a tract of land in Singapre? Let us know in the comments!

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