He lost both his legs, left arm and three fingers on his right hand to a horrific accident abroad a naval ship in 2012.

Navy serviceman and para-athlete Jason Chee now has lost his right eye too.

In an exclusive interview with Channel NewsAsia, the 34-year-old told the local media that he was diagnosed with choroidal melanoma (a cancer of the eye) in April this year when a tumour measuring 1.5cm in size was discovered in his right eye.

“I felt quite lost,” he said. “It’s very strange; why is there something inside my eyeball?,” he told the local media.

He underwent surgery in May followed by rehabilitation. He will also have a prosthetic eye inserted in November.

He said “it is totally different” seeing with only one eye. “When I look straight, I can’t see things on my right. My depth perception was affected.”

Jason, who joined para-table tennis after his accident, won a doubles gold at the 2015 ASEAN Para Games with Aaron Yeo and also an individual silver medal.

“One thing is I won’t give up easily; I still want to carry on playing table tennis,” he told Channel NewsAsia.

“You only live once, so I live life to the fullest and be happy day by day,” he added.

Here’s his interview with Channel NewsAsia: 

Top image via Jason Chee’s Facebook.