I mentioned in my previous post that Xiaxue wrote an entry two days ago, ranting off against Dawn Yang. Well, looks like Dawn got the last laugh.

Visit Xiaxue’s blog now to see for yourself:

xiaxue's blog

(screengrab of Xiaxue’s blog)

In any case, the poll on who’s prettier between the two of them is still ongoing on this blog. 🙂 If you are interested to cast your vote, please visit HERE.

Oh… and if you really want to read what Xiaxue wrote originally before she deleted her entry, try googling for “Dawn Wayang’s blog”. The entire post is published there for posterity.

Rebuttal #1 from Xiaxue
Rebuttal #2 from Xiaxue
Rebuttal from Dawn Yang
News article on omy: 2博客美女 网上掀骂

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