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Dawn Yang vs Xiaxue: Who is prettier?

After seeing both their candid pictures taken by KIDCHANSTUDIO at the Nuffnang Pajamas Party, I can’t help but wonder who netizens think is prettier – Xiaxue or Dawn Yang.

Both of them look quite different in this series of pictures, compared to the nicely angled and well-photoshopped images on their respective blogs.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

dawn, xiaxue - candid 1
CANDID Picture 1 (taken from KIDCHANSTUDIO)

dawn, xiaxue - candid 2
CANDID Picture 2 (taken from KIDCHANSTUDIO)

Although I am very worried about getting flamed by both their legions of fans, I still cannot resist doing a quick straw poll – Who is prettier in CANDID SHOTS (no photoshop, no nice angle, no DI), Dawn Yang or Xiaxue?

You can cast your vote by leaving a comment on my blog. 🙂 For me, my vote goes to Xiaxue because she looks healthier in the pictures. Dawn looks a bit too pale… maybe she was not feeling well that day. Nonetheless, nobody can dispute her figure is pipping hot xia!

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    1. Obviously Xiaxue… her smile and everything looks so real and cheerful-like compared to Dawn, who has the weird face going on…like forcefully doing that cutesy face.
      I just feel like Xiaxue is the most honest about everything-like photoshop, surgery, and doesn’t hide embarassing stuff she has or does. And she’s really funny…like tbh guys, just watch her vids and read her blog or something.

  1. You got to be kidding to ask this question, right? I would say that DY and XX are on par in terms of the level (1 to 10) of beauty. My beauty scale is subjective here. Let’s just say that they are not fashion model grade (yet?).

  2. Dawn gets my vote. If you look close enough, xiaxue is nothing without her makeup, not even her boobs come close to dawn’s.

  3. i think dawn boobs look unbalenced in the first picture and her complexion like moh peng in the 2nd picture. i’ll vote for xiaxue, she looks much more “comfortable looking” compared to dawn. plus dawn always has this stone expression on her face, like trying to smile cutely or something.

  4. dawn for sure!! who can resist her tht fake good looking boobs and tht fake “feminine” “classy” smile? 😀 vote for dawn pls!

  5. Xiaxue.
    whats there to envy about Dawn yang’s looks? its fake , whereas only the nose of xiaxue is modified:)

  6. Xiaxue..

    despite us thinking that Xiaxue is always covered in thick makeup,
    in these pics, she actually looks like she’s going natural makeup on.
    tan & sunshiney.

    As for dawn, she looks too heavily made up with talcum powder.
    foundation seems very uneven..and I’ve never noticed she’s got pimples from the pics on her blog.

  7. My vote goes to XX. Dawn looks like she has a mask plastered on…and what is with that cutesy expression? Didn’t realise that she has bad complexion as well, cos of all the photoshopping done in her own blog.

    She had surgery done to every part of her (and yes, her boobs look fake – the implant look like it is straining from her left boob). At least XX is honest about having done her nose!

  8. Dawn yang of course !! she had PS lei !!thou looks pale or what-so-ever..but she is still prettier than fat XX>.< not sun-shine,looks more like dirty skin

  9. You know.. from Dawn’s pictures on her blog I’d say she’s much prettier, but from these candids I think she looks SO weird. her mouth is so odd, her eyes are waaay big, and her nose is so.. pointy.

    I vote Xiaxue. She’s really pulling off that blonde too 🙂

  10. no way, i was at the nuffnang party, and my vote is definitely dawn over xiaxue!! she was so pretty! those 2 pics don’t do justicse, if you go to that website or other people’s blogs for the event photos, you’ll see much better pics of dawn!

  11. dawn ^0^/!!! yeah i went to that party too.saw them in real.XX looks photogenic in these 2 but not in real.

  12. dawn only looks good on her website. i saw her in town, face to face once. it was so hot and sunny in the afternoon and yet her make up is sooo super thick!!! not sure how she kept it super thick all the time, maybe she has her makeup foundatiion stored in her bag and slap them on when she realised it’s melting!! she must be realted to michael jackson or something!!!

    i vote for xiaxue, not doubt she is not so pretty and plump but at least she is honest on what she did. dawn is just another 100 pounds fake beauty.

  13. hmm..disagree with the comment up there…dun ever insult her k.

    i guess the title is *who is prettier, not who is natural or who is not so pretty at least she is honest what she did.

    plus,did XX looks like she have so little make-up on her face?and did she tell u she had whiten her tooth or etc etc?so this is called honest?

    the fact is dawn is prettier

    face it.

  14. XX for sure is prettier. Look at Dawn shes insanely ungly without all the photoshop. And i’ve seen her in person wayyyy to much make-up and looks like a tranny

  15. Nope, i went to that party too…why y’all only mentioned dawn yang with thick make-ups?1st,make-ups is not everything,(make-ups only works on pretty face)..i saw XX put on kgs of make-ups on that day too..why u guys want to cheat the public? is she really prettier? ha ha ha…u must be joking…

    dawn is prettier ! hotter too (: plastic surgery or whatever…prettier is prettier >:)
    well, i dun care..i love to see beautiful things.external or INTERNAL.
    so do u think XX is pretty with no inner beauty?

  16. well, i think the both of them have their own kind of look. but im pretty sure xiaxue will look better in the years to come, when dawn’s face start to sag due to the tremendous amt of surgery she did to herself. and yes, many might think that dawn’s prettier, has a nicer body etc but we all kinda know that it’s all fake, no?

  17. IMO, Internet rumors are simply rumors. from some of her old photos, i believe if dawn did any surgery, its only her nose. The rest is lose weight and makeup. And if she looked bad in some of her younger photos, people have mentioned its possible her haters photoshopped them. And true… why not!

    btw, if you suspect dawn’s boobs are fake, then xiaxue’s might be too coz they look similar!

  18. From the second photo you can see dawn’s forehead implant!
    Not only did she do a nose job and did her eyes, she also have cheek implants, forehead implants, chin implants and lip surgery. Also she had a boob job, it’s obvious from her older pics.
    Xiaxue looks more natural, and her personality is 100X better too -_-“

  19. my vote is definitely for xiaxue. she’s healthy, cute and more natural. (only did her nose) – her personality is so much better too and interesting! and at least she admits to the nose job, and i don’t blame her for getting it done.

    dawn is so pretentious, a bimbo, and annoying!!!!!! and 100% fake. boobs, chin, lips, eyes, nose, all fake. she looks like a zombie/ghost/pontianak.

  20. I’m a female and I personally think dawn is prettier.

    However, dawn has done plenty of plastic surgery on herself. Her eyes FOR SURE and her nose. Yes I’m aware of xia xue’s nose job too. But before the surgery, xia xue would have been prettier.

    For those arguing about the “fakeness” of boobs, dawn’s ones are fake for sure and xia xue’s ones are natural. Fake ones have round arches at the top portion of the breasts (in case your gf is lying to you about having natural boobs). Wondering why you see so many round arches in female models or celebraties? Yes, they’re fake and guys like them. I asked a few male friends to look at a few pairs of natural boobs and fake boobs. They all prefer fake boobs because they look rounder and more “perfect”. Since when did fake circular boobs become perfect?

  21. Both put tons of makeup.
    But my vote goes to XX coz her makeup’s more natural. And she ain’t fat. She’s just not skinny.
    And I dislike fake boobs.

  22. absolutely dawn.
    in white she’s just like an angel which come down from the sky.
    hope to see you ey.
    sorry xia xue. i can’t see any pretty side of you.

  23. Xiaxue.

    Just visit this and you’ll know why Dawn Yang is so fugly inside out.


    She is truly a living ghoul.

  24. aiya, some people just like to bluff themselves that dawn had no surgery, or dawn only had a nose job.

    makes me wanna laugh man. and worst still, insist that people are jealous of her.

    honestly, if we wanna be jealous, we will rather be jealous of people like arissa cheo. damm gorgeous, damm rich and have a style of her own. yet, you totally don’t see flames on arissa.

    only on plasticky-“think she is very pretty because she has a zillion surgeries” dawn.

    but honestly, some guys are just superficial. fake boobs, fake face, fake personality or not, they don’t give a shit. just fuckable can liao. HAHA.

  25. I don’t count myself a fan of either, but I vote for Xiaxue. Both have had nose jobs, but one had significantly more work done but would like everyone to believe those are the looks she was born with. I don’t have a problem with plastic surgery – Ijust don’t like people pretending they didn’t have it.

    Comparisons to old photos/biological relatives are inevitable (not to mention future offspring), so why bother covering it up if the changes to your looks are significant? Keep it real if you’re in the public eye and people will respect you more for it.

  26. XX~!!!! she looks healthier~!!
    DY looks kinda fake .. so much for trying to copy arissa cheo… =/

  27. XX looks prettier, and I think Dawn’s boobs are only bigger because she’s showing more of them and probably wearing chicken boobies.

  28. Xiaxue. She’s funny and opinionated, plus with a great personality that’s very intriguing. And she’s honest about things she has done to her pictures and herself. She’s more REAL, someone you can relate to. More likeable.

    Dawn is just so… fake. She has nothing to say. You know why? Cause all she has our her pictures. So sad.

  29. If I was stuck in the same room as both of them. I think Xiaxue would be more approachable and be more comforting to talk to. Thus leading to being prettier, not only outside but inside.

    I mean both of them our gorgeous, but c’mon… looking at the pictures, Dawn seems so stuck up and fake. Even if she was to be nice to me, it would seem fake.

    Xiaxue wins for me.

  30. I def vote for Xiaxue. Dawn is just a plastic act-cute wannabe. Look at her skin, her bump of a forehead. eww… Xiaxue all the way!!

  31. xiaxue is prettier for sure!
    dawn looks fabulous in her blog pics. but if u noticed, she always looks almost exactly the same there. she only looks good in certain angles!
    in these cadid pics, dawn just looks… weird. hah no offence!

  32. XIAXUE!!!

    xiaxue looked so natural [excluding her nose, of cos =D ]. dawn looked like a ghost. so unreal.

    dawn yang is nothing but a plastic ghost.
    and fat is not ugly,moreover xx is not fat.
    its just that dawn is super skinny like ghost.
    place any one of you normal humans beside her you will just appear “fat” also.
    dawn = super fake
    xx = natural & honest.

  34. votes to xx!
    although xx puts makeup as well, at least her personality isnt fake like dawn, talk about inner beauty? xx wins. even on the outside xx looks way healthier than dawn!

  35. XIAXUE !

    my votes will be cast on xiaxue .
    she’s hot .
    look at dawn’s 2nd pic !
    her face is not as smooth as xiaxue !

  36. Deifinitelt XX! She looks like a healthy sunshiney girl in this pic! She’s definitely not fat!

  37. i prefer real girls, XX looks natural still.
    if both without make up , i think XX still looks fine but dawn wil be michael jackson female version. sorry to say that. 😡

  38. I vote for XX.
    Look at Dawn’s complexion! That pimply part, gosh!

    Actually looks doesn’t matter, it’s the character, and I’ll still vote for XX.

    P.S: so sry whoose are Dawn fans but i have to say:
    Dawn is just ok..pale…look like a fox that will lick an old man dick..fake with almost everything( although xia xue is also ake but…)…
    Xia Xue is natural in her own way…cool…daring to say…and she did something that i dun do…whr pink pajamas and tie to pink fur balls on her head. But still love her.

  40. i think i can tell that D does too much photoshop to the usual picture of her on her blog compared to XX. at least at one glance i can recognize XX. for D, to much of my attention span has been spend on her pale face then i get back to ‘who is that girl compared to (the highly photoshoppped) D i see on her blog?!’

    my vote goes to XX for being natural 🙂

  41. Appearance is Dawn… But i’m sorry to say that she really look fake… I see her old blog with pictures before… her feature is not as sharp as compare too now… She really look different..

    I’ll vote for xiaxue… she’s more geniue… Beauty shouldnt be just lookin at the appearance 😉


    dawn really look like a moh peng. no joke. wah. like she suffering from acne. ewwwwwww. and she always smile without teeth like some stupid twit girl -.-
    xiaxue look chio-er,no joke. even though she’s fatter, i think she’s still pretty((:

  43. XIAXUE !!!!!!! duh healthier-looking, pretty EVEN WITHOUT SHOWING LIKE 3/4 OF HER BOOBS, even with little/no make-up (anyway why is beauty related to boob -.-)

  44. Oh come on. Let’s see it from the Singaporean girl’s perspective. Obviously most of us don’t have rich daddies to finance our many surgeries so we can get free goodies & get invited to blabla parties.

    At least Xiaxue talks about social issues (sometimes) and PUH-LEASE, her advertorials are so much more organised and straight to the point. &, you can’t ignore the fact that almost all of us speak the same lingo as XX.

    Artificial fakers, to the left.

    My vote goes to Xiaxue. 🙂

  45. XIAXUE!!

    No way for dawn! She’s so artificial. What’s the point of looking and adoring a near-to-plastic person -.-!

    Xiaxue is so natural as compared to her. Own style of blogging ( dawn doesn’t have).

  46. Xiaxue.
    SHe looks radiant. PLus not to be unfair but aw, dawn yang is apparently plagued with teenage complexion problems, the good ol’ pimples.

  47. A vote for Xiaxue. Dawn looks kinda plastic when she smile. no offence though. Up up up for xiaxue!!!!!


    Oh pleas-e lah!
    She not FAT at all!

    White and pale and forgod sake damn skinny.

    I felt that if the god saw Dawn is that skinny,
    He will be damn terrible sad.
    B’cos she seriously look like those third world country kiddos.
    Which is effing skinny!

  49. My vote goes to Xiaxue too! I read her blog everytime and it’s great! Dawn is such a faker. And her blog is horrible can. She thinks highly of herself and thinks she is so god damn pretty. Please la, get a life. -.-

  50. All the while, I love Xiaxue’s frankness & her sense of humor. But however, when i used to look at Dawn’s photoshopp-ed photos, I’m always in awe.
    Now, her boobs really puts me off man -.- PUI.


  51. xiaxue look so much hell cuter.
    Dawn is so unnatural and see look a lil like michael jackson from the second pic. LOL

  52. xx pls! i’ve seen xx in real life and she’s not fat! just smaller and petite.

    dawn looks chinese here lor. where got angmoh. cant stand her hypocrisy anyway. pretend to be kwai and angelic only. call herself a christian. pui.

  53. XX!
    she’s much more better than that bitch.
    that bitch lies, and is so fake
    after like here and there changed
    still got pimples-.-
    take care of your skin lah.
    be like xx!

  54. Dawn is prettier since she has surgery BUT MY VOTE GOES TO XIAXUE!

    Dawn’s boobs are poping out man.. is there a need for that?! And what’s with the same smile in like all her 1 million photos of herself?!

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  56. i think xiaxue is prettier. Dawnyang looks so fakei n her own blog. i cant believe she has pimples and all. because based on her blog i see, her skin is so fair and flawless. Sia la, all these are just photoshops. Xiaxue is the best. winks winks*

  57. blind peeks will even have eyes to see
    xiaxue is prettier .
    dawn body looks so fake doesnt she?
    comparing them is like 1 heaven(xiaxue) , one hell?(dawn)
    ohpls, open your eys bigger ”
    xiaxue is smart, chio n sraight forward,
    but dawn?
    to me, she’s all just too FAKE !

  58. ii think xiaxue prettier. 😀
    dawn is fugly pls?
    everything’s so FAKE.
    photoshop aint the best choice man.
    be true! 😀

  59. XX!!

    i love her!!!!
    hands down, she’s chioer than that faker dawn.
    DY thinks she so chio.
    oh pls, XX is chio-er! 🙂

  60. i would vote for xiaxue 🙂
    the other time i did ask my boyfriend if dawn was pretty.. but he just went “NOOOO she’s looks so plastic, so fake”
    therefore this goes to show that not EVERY single guy is fine with plastic girls.

    although of course you know, xiaxue doesn’t have the perfect body.. but she’s actually honest about her fake parts (ie her nose), and she showed a video on her fake eyelashes as well.. so credits have to be given to her to admit that which parts are fake.

    plus dawn really went overboard this time with the fake advertorial with the luxurybrands. but then again, fake person, fake advertorial.. it all ties in!

    plus xiaxue has a forthright attitude so she’s a lot prettier than dawn inside and outside!

  61. oh wow look dawn FINALLY gets a vote! good for her!

    I, on the other hand,am for xiaxue fo’ sure. (:

  62. Xiaxue, for

    1. being so sunny and un-plastic
    2. her healthier glow
    3. her confidence

    I’m not a diehard XX fan, but anyone who calls her fat is just a retard. She’s just not skinny. She’s probably nicer to hug (compared to Dawn, who’s just a stick with boobs).

  63. Neither. But for the purpose of this tally, I vote for XiaXue. She’ll age well. Dawn face will require too much maintenance down the road.

  64. definitely xiaxue.
    i dont get why ppl are saying she’s fat, thats just shallow.
    she’s healthy.
    and this makes her beautiful


  65. I think both have a problem.
    Dy is too plasticy.
    Xx is the local ppl’s look.
    Let’s say DY didn’t do any surgery?! That means 2 singaporean looking girl. Ppl may would vote DY.
    Xx got boyish character, and i can see she is a bit ego.
    I won’t vote any of them.
    Let singaporeans vote! And see what kind of face structure they prefer.

  66. I vote for XX.

    XX is not fat, for heaven’s sake! It’s clear that her BMI is in check. Talk abt fat! Geez! Sometimes I really wanna box people. Pple who say XX is fat is encouraging others like Dawn to develop anorexia and promoting psychological distress to women to be really thin.

    Without her boobs and facial implants, Dawn seems to be Death’s list already! If you vote for dawn, you’re also encouraging the poor girl who clearly suffers from very low self-esteem and body dysmorhpic disorder to continue in her ways. She did way too many things to herself. The question here shouldn’t be why did dawn do so many things to her body and try to get away with it, but how could the plastic surgeons let her?!? when there’s clearly something very wrong her psychologically? Where are the ethics huh?! XX’s doing one place for herself is absolutely normal for a mentally healthy person living in today’s society.

    Come’on man. The truth is most (not all) women dislike DY cause she’s clearly unhealthy (in more than one aspect) and it’s our innate instinct to resist harmful behaviour and on the other hand, she represents the vast media that is forcing us to succumb to the pressures of looking good at all costs. Y not let Dawn share w us, if she has her menstruation regularly or if she has dizzy spells. Or even having regular meals? She’s not responsible for the public i noe, but we as the public have contributed to moulding her into what she has become today.

    Please always be responsible. Relay the right messages. You as an individual have more influence over other people today than in the past.

  67. LOL u know u didnt even have to ask the question, xiaxue is beautiful from inside and out, only did a plastic surgery on her nose, on the other hand dawn is fake from top to bottom, and she has a shitty personality. so there, XX all the way.

  68. DY looks kinda weird? Her face looks bloated, esp her cheeks in the 2nd pic. XX definitely look better here. No false pretense or anything showing.

    My vote: Xiaxue!

  69. XX doesn;t look so FAT?!
    She has more roundier face or more meaty ,,,,
    But she didn’t go and cut. She looks Normal…
    But the other girl DY can see she did a lots of part hv done.
    2)Eyelids and magic epi. and got cut her eye to wider
    3)L shaped plastic nose(too big tooo pointy too unnatural)
    4)teeth straighter
    And she got cut her face i think.
    her left side very vvv strange like no balance…
    at least XX has her own face. Just corrected lil bit ya!
    but we still know who is she!
    Dy blur……..

  70. though xx might not has the best personality but i think given the fact that of her truthful nature she is likely to make a better friend and you can be sure that she will always give her utmost honest opinion be it good or bad, rather than a hipocrisy friend forever telling you that you look fine, everything’s fine. though she’s not the prettiest but she is able to attract good vibes, she’s interesting, funny, entertaining, most importantly she’s not just a vase.

    dy – nothing against plastic surgery and not to deny the fact that she looks pretty good at times and rather successful to transform, though she did not admit and we have to be respectful of the choices others make so whether or not she admits to it does not pose any great hazard cause it’s OBvious ain’t just look at her beside her family, so just give her a break and not force on the obvious answer. is it truly so important? but apart from looking “like” “gorgeous” she is not entertaining and her blog is like any other model’s blog who flaunt their life. everything seems perfect but pretentious – like barbie’s life in plastic. and at times you get too much of miss perfect it’s sickening. plus if i were a guy and given the fact that i know she has so much plastic in her, it turns me off big time. even my brother who saw her outside MOS quoted she looks over altered.

    to round it up, i think xx takes the cake this time.

  71. I use to think Dawn looks pretty but based on these photos.

    I vote for Xiaxue, she looks more natural while Dawn’s makeup is terrible.
    Looks like she put half a bottle of foundation on her face and still can’t get it right.

  72. I can confidently say that all the guys here have voted for DY:) That fat gargoyle of a XX isnt even in the same league. Dawn Yang is a really cute babe, and unless you are gay or a (somewhat jealous) girl there is no comparison between them.

  73. Dy has sharper features atypical those Koreans that went under knife.

    Xiaxue has simpler features. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

    I vote Xiaxue.

    1. Skin – Xiaxue has healthy glow while Dawn looked sickly. Gals who went for intensive surgery have that “Frankenstein’s Bride” look after 35y old. Think Joan Rivers. YIKES. From the looks of it, Dawn is already showing signs of premature aging skin.

    2. Boobs – XX looks good already. Not interested in a silicon valley.

    3. Personality – It does affect image and the vibe she sends out. Xiaxue’s brashness wins hands down. Knowing how ugly a person is, we won’t see any “beauty” in the skin anymore. Just disgust. No?

    4. Body – Dawn has long nice legs but Xiaxue isn’t bad either. She has all the right fats correctly distributed as God wanted a woman to be.

    I don’t mind pretty sluts. But sluts who faked to be all angelic Christian is nauseating. YIKES.

  74. LOL LOL LOL!!!!!
    Well… FIRST OF ALL… In the original picture, Dawn Yang’s slit of silicone scar is showing… XiaXue has nice real tits… hmm what else.. OH
    I LIKE GIRLS NOT MICHAEL JACKSON!!! Dawn yang is gross and her personality is just lies, bullshit and concietness. So i love XiaXue for being a bitch, and the bitch speaks truth.. i like real girls so are honest about there surgery.

  75. OH WOW…!!! These photos are from the photographer!! Look how nervous Dawn is and confident Xiaxue is!! I really wouldnt bone a barbie.. i really cant find anything sex about someone who has fake boobs and face.. imagine making love and there nose gets all slanted and stuff O_O scary. EWWW DAWN SKIN IS SOOO GROSS TOO!! TOO BAD THERE ISNT SKIN SURGERY FOR HER.

  76. I vote for XiaXue. Dawn is pretty, but too sluttish and unnatural for my preference. Try to be urself Dawn. Not someone else. In order for you to earn respect from others. You need to respect yourself first.

  77. Ok let see. Dawn is pretty since she has the look of a plastic doll and despite the make up and all I can see that she has bad skin day that day. Xiaxue may not look as perfect like her but she is more natural and sun-shine like. However based on look itself, I have to say Dawn is prettier afterall the stuff she did to her body. But personality wise, there is something about Dawn that make me feel nauseating about her, like the vibe she sends out or something.

  78. XIAXUE!

    Damn dawn looks like shit.

    So ghostly and fake.

    Xiaxue brings life to all. See how nice she looks?!

    looks 10000 times worse in person, trust me. a big fat PLASTIC MESS.

    and yes i agree XX looks more confident and at ease in front of camera. dawn is so fake that it shows in her pose and the way she carries herself.


  80. xiaxue ! dawn put too much make up. in fact, she is consider so cheap to the readers. if i am not mistaken she flirt with random guys. how cheap she is !

  81. dawn is so ugly ! so gross… i guess she only like fuck up with different guys. dawn hope u c this ! she is the shame of the Singaporean

  82. I agree with the Rachel above, though we are not the same person. Xia Xue looks way better, and at least she admits to plastic surgery, which is ONLY on her nose.

    For DY’s case…come on! I’m female myself and I know boobs don’t just ‘stand up’ like that without a bra or a push-up bra for that matter.

  83. XIAXUE:] !!
    dawn looks so f-ing plastic.
    & nervous.
    WTH is dawn wearing!
    shes like wearing something that ppl
    who agree?!?!

  84. Is there a prize for casting my vote?

    Frankly, why compare the chicken with the duck? Both belong to the poultry family, but each have its own goody..

  85. HAHA. Of course Dawn is donning what some people wear to sleep. After all, it is a PJ party :s I dont understand why anyone would compare the “prettiness” of the two because they’re the total opposite of each other. Dawn is the socialite you would catch a glimpse of at a party and not try to approach whereas Wendy is the sort of person you would notice just as much at the party because from reading her blog and you would not hesitate to talk to. I still dont get the commotion about who is prettier because physical beauty is not the only thing you should compare the two with!

  86. Seeing how messed up Dawn’s mind is, she’ll probably take being called “skeleton skinny”, “pale as a ghost” or “doll fake” as a compliment. (Twist the words around so that she thinks people are actually meaning to say that her features are perfect like a “doll’s” or that her complexion is lily fair. PFTTTT. HAHAHA. NO DAWN, you just look like a pale-ass zombie to us.

    If it isn’t clear already, my vote is totally, 100% with Xiaxue. You’re hilarious, smart, and gorgeous. So yeah, you have inner beauty, which is more than I can say for Dawn. o_o

  87. 1 vote for Xx. Saw Dawn before at MoS, erm it was really weird cos her nose was protruding unnaturally, but hey Xx also had a nosejob, so they got some common topics at least. Lol.

  88. if i see them in the first sight, i wld choose DY.
    she looks tall n her eyess bigger than xx!
    xx actually juz a sunshine but ordinary gal look.

  89. Are u a friend of Xiaxue cos I happen 2 tink u took a super unflattering pic of Dawn Yang .. and a perfectly flattering pic of Xiaxue .. and EVEN THEN Dawn looks so much prettier..
    Have u seen her in real life , she is so super pretty .. . plastic or not .. I DUN CARE ..its not like Xiaxue didnt have a nose job . .. and even after her nose job…STILL fat n ugly .

  90. Definitely Xiaxue. She has a more dynamic look. And I can’t believe anyone would even consider her fat! She’s well proportioned and healthy looking.

  91. OH GOD ! Vote goes to XIAXUE ! (: obviously .
    as you can see DY looks so plastic . she’s like having whole bottle of foundation on her plastic face . No ?
    Xiaxue has healthy skin . DY doesnt .

  92. it’s kind of ironic to ask who’s prettier when both have gone under the knife.

    but my vote goes to XX cos at least she looks healthy, there’s something about dawn’s eyes and her philtrium that freaks me. and i have to say dawn’s foundation is a bit too pale and thick for my liking. oh and dawn’s boobs dont look real. XD

  93. of cos is xiaxue.

    compare their face,

    dy look so fake cos her make up is wearing off. [ is she wearing a mask?]
    xx’s one still okay.

  94. are you ppo blind? LOL how can this even be a competition?? anyone with eyes can see that dawn is pretty (zits and all 2nd pic) and xiaxue is at most- average. both of them wear wayyyyyyy too much makeup but with dawn’s visits to the surgeon, she definitely secured her “hottest blogger” spot. Now if you were to ask “who has more natural beauty?” then we’d be in a completely different ball park.

  95. xia xue is plump ! dawn is way prettier and have better figure, different pictures should be used to vote . xx wears thick make-up too .

  96. dawn very skinny meh? i think she also abit plump leh? see her long ago pictures, i guess she must have been to liposuction! shes so fake.
    XX gets my vote

  97. XIAXUE.

    Dawn Yang is an ugly work of cosmetic surgury.
    She was waaaay uglier than XX will ever be w/o her plastic surgery.
    Sure Xiaxue piles on the makeup, died her hair blonde & got nose surgery.
    She’s still closer to being real. XX is beautiful with or w/o the things she does.

    Dawn is fake everything.
    her face is scary ! and it looks like she got plastic surgery to be korean.
    am i right or what? ;D

    Arent you scared that if you poke DY she might crumble or something?!
    or pop? who knows. Everything on her is fake.

    Xiaxiue acts real regardless of what people say or think about her, she expresses
    or true opinions. Dawn Yang on the other side just tries to act like a goody girl.

    Imagine how Dawn Yang would look if you punched her? O____O

    The worst XX will look is maybe a broken/bent nose and a bruise.
    Dawn Yang on the other hand…her entire face might fall off leaving only meat , bone, & eyeballs.


    and the whole skin thng? DY didnt even used to be THAT white.
    She got that done too.
    OH and,
    XX’s boobs are too normal or even SMALL to be fake.
    If you look at the first picture you can kind of see the outline or where DY implant starts on the right boob, im a woman i would know.
    Also XX is not fat, she looks pretty healthy to me.
    Even though she photoshops(so does DY) at least she looks more real.

    It’s already obvious a majority of people like XX better (;



    Dawn Yang ugly piece of fake trash who tries way to hard and cant even be real with herself. Embarrassment to her parents and couldnt appreciate what god gave her as a person so instead she went for a totaallllll make over in hopes she will look more like the Korean actresses she stalks online.

    If we wanted beautiful people, i wouldnt even THINK of Dawn Yang.
    Even regular people who arent so well dressed and have nice body & facial features look better than a dead corpse .

  98. I have not seen Dawn personally, so will not pass comment on her.

    Recently, I happened to see Xiaxue at a Pasir Ris Macdonald food court walking pass with her boyfriend.

    When I first saw her, my first thoght was : who is this chow ah lian auntie with her sell-by date passe dyed blonde hair walking with her Ang Mo bf.

    Then I realised it was Xiaxue. I wont fault her taste in men, but her fashion sense certainly sucks.

  99. XX !!! I am a fan of XX !! and dawn looks like michael jackson!! so white and her boobs are super fake !! at least xx only did her nose.

  100. I just have to give my vote to XX. I dun exactly like XX as much as I like DY but DY is the most messed up person ever. I am for plastic surgery to correct or enhance some features, but not to the extend u change your whole heritage and ethnicity just to look like someone else. Seen her real life at a club surrounded by a bunch of superficial guys and she was sitting there looking like the most unhappy plastic thing in the world. Sad case DY.

  101. Dawn’s current looks don’t count because she attempted to erase her heritage with the amount of plastic surgery she’s had.

    As the above poster mentioned, I support plastic surgery to enhance features – yeah, go for it. I don’t support plastic surgery to make yourself look mixed. I am mixed and I don’t like that that some wannabe is giving us a bad name.

    So, going by what Dawn is underneath all the surgery, Xiaxue is prettier. I’m sure she’s had a nose job, but this is a difference: having one nose job is enhancement. Having chin, cheek, forehead implants, alarplasty and tiplasty, epicanthoplasty and double eyelid surgery, having your jaw shaved and it all turning out coincidentally Eurasian looking is ethnic rejection.

  102. The poll states “who is prettier?”
    On the outside, Dawn wins. Who cares she’s 99% artificial.
    On the inside, I am no one to judge. I don’t know them personally afterall.

    Anyway, I’ll f*ck both

  103. I’d defo pick XX ’cause she’s more natural looking? apart from her nose, she represents real women out there while DY looks like a creation of a fantasy something out of a photoshopped mag come to life. It’s sad that what the media projects women to be has led a pressurized effect on women and forces them to do tons of surgery just to look like that. Plasticky, dollish, skinny women if all men wanted this, go screw a barbie laaa.

  104. From the first pic dawn looks better with her height and lean figure.
    but looking from the second pic xx is prettier looking. If it was not because of photo editing.You can see that dawn’s plastic surgery is way out of balance. Too many surgery only makes one look….well like a resemblance of the late michael jackson.Does it makes one’s look better?=Yes… but will all the surgery there’s no natural beauty in it.It’s as simple as yourself looking at a puppet with limited expression.

  105. Xia Xue.

    Dawn is such a f*cking ass whore.
    i’d say, cover her face in the pic,
    She looks like a pontianak.

  106. Somehow stumbled on this page again today and wonder if anyone’s opinions will waver once XX does more stuff. She’s done her nose, lips, and now eyes so far, and no doubt she intends to do more. Still Xiaxue supporters?

    Anyway, can people please stop being so jealous?! Men want to trash people like Dawn because they won’t sleep with them, plastic surgery or not, and women want to trash them to feel better about themselves. Come on, you wish you had the money to do the procedures too!

    So it’s more fair to be born pretty than to buy it if you can? Where’s the logic in that? Are ugly people supposed to just sulk and live with their natural looks? Why not everyone not use toothpaste and make up then?? It’s as if people still believe the stars they worship are untouched by the knife. (or the PS wand)

    The fact is, we are bombarded by advertisements and shows telling us we’re not good enough if we don’t have fish lips, clear skin and huge eyes. Obviously, most girls have terrible self esteem. By criticizing people like Dawn who obviously must have had low self esteem to undergo all the surgery, you’re all just like the bullies in school who made them want the surgery in the first place.

    At least there’s plastic surgery for the face and body, but not for the soul.

  107. I don’t know what most of you are talking about but both of these bitches are ugly. The dark haired one looks like Michael Jackson and the fat one looks like a pumpkin.

  108. They’re both plastic & want to look more like Caucasian.
    Why says they are pretty? They are so fake & vain.
    They may eventually end up looking like Michael Jackson.
    You can’t just compare both of their outer beauty, inner beauty is also important.

  109. White-washed Xia Xue is ugly as hell..her personality stinks even worse..so my vote would go to Dawn Yang. Dawn Yang may have undergone plastic surgery which I think shouldnt be anyone’s business, but at least she’s not as demented, vindictive, white-washed as that fugly Xia Xue.

    Xie Xue can go suck some white guys cock for all I care. Nothing but a useless lazy scum bag bitch.

    I’d fuck Dawn Yang anytime of the day even if her pussy’s made of plastic.

    There goes my 2 cents worth.

  110. Dawn Yang is clearly plastic . At certain angle in photos I can still see part of her old face. She had the plastic surgeried look of korean women. all korean celebrities females had plastic surgeries. In korean most women are fake, but Dawn is ethnic chinese???? In general korean women have no eyelid creases and small eyes, big heads, big wide flat faces without protruding cheek and jaw bones.
    Okay, that doesn’t mean I think other asians are prettier. Japanese celebrities also had too much plastic surgeries. And now korean are even more into it. Filipinos are people of mixed pot of people. Most filipinos do have small eyes and oriental type of eyelids unless they are mixed with heavy spanish blood. Filipinos also get plastic surgeries to fix their large flat wide noses. In order, natural beatiful asians are like 10%. With korean women being the most plastic followed by Japanese. I am not saying vietnamese and thai don’t get plastic surgeries either . They do, but not as much as the koreans though.

  111. hmmmmm….. i think i’d go for xx. dy looks like a ghost without photoshop – pontianak, and her face is super shiny, looks very fake… scares the shit outta me siah… :/

  112. @Andy Lau You said xx personality stinks? From what u just commented above, makes no different than her. So what talking u??

    If u wana F dy pontianak plastic pussy, then by all mean, go ahead lah…. U think dy is demure, never F white guys b4?? Don’t be a kuku head lah dey! do u know how many guys she slept around with??!!! go check on the internet/news, u dick head.. I rather sleep with xx, a girl twho has brain and much ‘cleaner’, rather than a so-what-pretty yet bimbotic, materialistic ‘female dog’ and who-knows-has-herpes slut, ya knw? If u do not know, then go stuff ur cock inside her for all we care. All i can say is, “GOOD LUCK” and enjoy your plastic pie-hole. 😉 (Don’t kena herpes can liao)

  113. XX for sure.

    I’ve read both their blogs and XX personality comes through in her smile and pose – looks genuine and sincere, whereas DY just kinda looks … stiff.

    When you’re pretty on the inside, it shows on the outside..

  114. Xiaxue is definately prettier (:
    Look at dawn, all plastic/makeup/pale.
    Her complexion here is a complete turn off.
    Even though this blog post is old, I’d like to put my two sense in here as well.

    Haha the people voting on dawn yang MUST BE dawn yang praising herself again. (Pathetic much?)

  115. Dawn is prettier definitely but a total turnoff. She’s a testimony to the fact that you can look good but be totally unattractive. Xia xue’s forthright, humorous and fun character makes her infinitely more attractive than Dawn. Dawn can do more surgeries and never ever match up to the Xiaxue’s charisma!

  116. Ok come on. I’m a HUGE fan of XX (I am obsessed with her blog), and I cannot STAND Dawn (and yes, her boob job is awful), but it’s obvious Dawn is prettier.
    Come on. Healthier my ass. XX looked like a rat in those pics. Thank God she looks 10x better now.

  117. Obviously Wendy Cheng.Dawn Yang?Pfft get lost
    I don’t care if Dawn had many plastic surgeries but she’s fake in the inside as well.Now for the comparison of Wendy and Dawn
    Wendy looks like a human (Dawn looks like a 99 cents doll 🙂
    Wendy laughs like a human (Dawn laughs like..”Puhuhuhuhuhu” DAFUQ?)
    And Dawn want to sue Wendy just because she has many more awards and fans than her
    So then again,WENDY CHENG YAN YAN is the winner ;D

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