After seeing both their candid pictures taken by KIDCHANSTUDIO at the Nuffnang Pajamas Party, I can’t help but wonder who netizens think is prettier – Xiaxue or Dawn Yang.

Both of them look quite different in this series of pictures, compared to the nicely angled and well-photoshopped images on their respective blogs.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

dawn, xiaxue - candid 1
CANDID Picture 1 (taken from KIDCHANSTUDIO)

dawn, xiaxue - candid 2
CANDID Picture 2 (taken from KIDCHANSTUDIO)

Although I am very worried about getting flamed by both their legions of fans, I still cannot resist doing a quick straw poll – Who is prettier in CANDID SHOTS (no photoshop, no nice angle, no DI), Dawn Yang or Xiaxue?

You can cast your vote by leaving a comment on my blog. 🙂 For me, my vote goes to Xiaxue because she looks healthier in the pictures. Dawn looks a bit too pale… maybe she was not feeling well that day. Nonetheless, nobody can dispute her figure is pipping hot xia!

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