I think the netizens have spoken. Remember my post on Dawn Yang vs Xiaxue: Who is Prettier?

Well, Xiaxue just wrote an article ranting off about Dawn yesterday night. This drove a fair bit of traffic to my 3 months old poll on who’s the prettier one among the two.

Vote tally as of when this entry is published:

Xiaxue – 89 votes
Dawn – 22 votes

Xiaxue wins hands down lah. Any Dawn Yang fans want to say anything? Here are the pictures again for the comparison:

dawn, xiaxue - candid 1
CANDID Picture 1 (taken from KIDCHANSTUDIO)

dawn, xiaxue - candid 2
CANDID Picture 2 (taken from KIDCHANSTUDIO)

What’s the verdict? πŸ™‚

Was the poll accurate?

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