We’re not surprised that Wendy Cheng or Xiaxue recently roasted internationally-acclaimed and fearless teenage climate change advocate Greta Thunberg. It’s easy to see that the former always adopts the point of view that can gain the most incendiary reaction from netizens all over the world. Whether this is her real stand on the matter or is just her masterful way of manipulating her online presence to maintain her engagement and social clout, you cannot deny that it works every time.

What did Xiaxue say about Greta Thunberg?

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish 16-year-old, was thrust onto the world stage after she began a single-person climate change protest in her home country of Sweden a year ago. She boldly declared that she was not going to school or instituting a “school strike” in response to how world leaders and institutions are handling the issue of climate change.

Xiaxue is also known for decimating Lai Wee Kiat, proprietor of the Sg Instababe account.

Thanks to her recent speech in front of the United Nations, at the 2019 Climate Action Summit on September 23, everyone has heard the teen berate world leaders and call them out on “empty words” and being chasers of an “eternal economic growth fairy tale” at the expense of her generation’s world resources.

In case you haven’t watched the teen’s impassioned speech that did not hold back, take a look below:

Strong words, indeed, and Singaporean influencer queen Xiaxue had some stronger words to say as well. On her Instagram stories, she called Greta out on being “cringey” and that the teen’s advocacy was one-dimensional. The Singaporean also pointed out that Greta’s crying would not solve climate change at all.

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Netizens tweeted and sent messages to Xiaxue, criticizing her stance on climate change and how the influencer chose to trivialize and ridicule the Swedish teen’s speech in front of world leaders.

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But the influencer did not hold back against her critics, either. She was unapologetic about her view, and told people that the world is doomed and everyone should just all die together, perhaps in a frenzy of resource-wasting hedonism? Irreverence, Xiaxue is thy name.

With the Singaporean vlogger queen’s privilege in full swing, it’s not difficult to sense a pattern to her behaviour and views, which include an aversion to the feminist movement and a complete lack of respect for world leaders. All her views are completely legal and within her rights to have and share. What that says about her as a person, though, is entirely up to her audience.

And just in case you wanted to know, Greta Thunberg has 5.4 million followers on Instagram, while Xiaxue has 607,000.

Header image from Xiaxue Instagram account and Greta Thunberg Instagram account.