Grace Tan vs Xiaxue - The Saga Continues - Alvinology

Grace Tan vs Xiaxue – The Saga Continues

Grace Tan vs Xiaxue - The Saga Continues - Alvinology

Singapore’s blogosphere just cannot go another day without blog wars, one after another; or in this case, one which many thought was over, but was ignited again.

Blogger Grace Tan just wrote a very long blog post today about fellow blogger Xiaxue to counter Xiaxue’s equally long blog post about Grace Tan published more than a month ago.


Grace Tan’s Post – May 30, 2015

Xiaxue’s Post – April 23, 2015

Is anyone still following this saga?

Lawyers are involved for both parties which make it very difficult for bystanders to blog about the saga for fear of being drawn in for no good reason.

I am remaining neutral and am just drawing attention to both sides. I am quite curious on the development from here.

Meanwhile, if you are bored of female bloggers going to war, do check out this other brewing blog war between two Singaporean guys – Calvin Cheng vs Alfian Sa’at. Just as fun. Guys have claws too. 🙂

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