A Different Kind of Blog War: Calvin Cheng vs Alfian Sa’at

Here’s an interesting blog war brewing online in Singapore which does not involve Xiaxue – Calvin Cheng vs Alfian Sa’at.

If you do not know who the two of them are, below is a brief background via wikipedia.

Calvin Cheng:

Calvin Ern-Lee Cheng was a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) in Singapore, and is a leading figure in the media and fashion modelling industry in Asia. He has held senior roles in Elite Model Management, Ford Models, two of the world’s well-known and oldest modeling agencies. He sits on several media advisory boards in Singapore, and is the managing partner of the first China-focused media fund located outside China.

Alfian Sa’at:

Alfian bin Sa’at is a Singaporean writer, poet and playwright. He is a Muslim of Minangkabau, Javanese and Hakka descent. He is known for his provocative works and is often referred to as his country’s enfant terrible.

The similarity between the two of them are that they are both outspoken online commentators of political and social issues in Singapore. They have not really crossed swords directly before and I think this should be the first encounter.

Alas, threats of legal actions flew right from the start.

Cheng was the one who fired the first salvo at Sa’at with this facebook post directed at him which came out of the blue:

In reply, Sa’at demanded an apology from Cheng and the removal of the post within 24 hours or face a defamation suit:

It appears Cheng is not backing down.

I wonder how this will pan out. What do you think? Who do you support?

  1. I seriously hope that CC doesn’t represent the caliber of our NMPs – thank goodness he’s an ex-NMP. If this is the the “best” that Singapore has it really doesn’t bode well for Singaporeans or Singapore and he certainly should not think that he represents any one’s voice. I agree with jasontty CC is sickening.

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