For anyone who’s ever been to a convention, the excitement can be intense. For Teo En Ming aka Turritopsis Dohrnii, the Taiwan Adult Expo 2018 could be one of the most anticipated events of his year.

Alvinology previously wrote about this man who is pursuing his dream of joining the adult video industry, whether as a producer or actor. We continue to watch him as he follows his dream of breaking into this very interesting industry.

Taipei Red Adult Expo 2018

According to the Taipei Red Adult Expo, for a fee of 700 yuan, you can experience various settings in the Taiwan adult video industry. Actresses would be attending, where you are allowed some time with them (not alone) in cute photo booths and settings, where they can interact with their fans and pose for photos with the participants.

On the website, you’ll find all the girls who are participating in the event.

What did Teo En Ming do at the convention?

Like any con-goer, he had a lot of fun. He visited quite a lot of actress booths and was able to capture photos of a lot of the actresses. Take a look at his experiences below:

The video shows him visiting an actress’ booth, where he would sit down to talk to her for a few minutes.

At some point, the actress and feeds him a Pocky stick, which is part of the booth’s experience. The actress then thanks him for visiting her and he moves on.

At another actress’ booth, he’s ushered into a room with a bed and cute decorations.

There, she had asked him to lie down and he obliged her. They enjoyed a short photo shoot together.

The video above shows that Teo En Ming even got a hug from one of the actresses.

Other highlights of his event attendance included cosplays of different shows by the adult video actresses.

What do netizens think?

Singaporean internet users on online forums chimed in on what they thought of Teo En Ming’s trip, especially after several features have been published about him and his pursuit of his extraordinary dream.

Some thought they knew how he felt during this time.

Others thought that he had a lot of money to be able to afford such a lifestyle, since every photo and booth at the convention surely cost money.

Some commenters admired him for chasing his dream without hurting anyone in the process.

Some mentioned his weight and made assumptions about his social status, but admired him nonetheless for how he went and fulfilled his dream. They also commented on other forum members and how Teo En Ming was a step above them.

Some disagreed with the amount he spent.

Others wanted to desperately know how he got enough money for the trip. In a previous post, Teo En Ming said that he’s been forced to take menial jobs to support himself after he was allegedly fired from several jobs.

While others focused on the negative and commented on his weight and age.

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