Hey! HEYTEA is back again with a beautiful creation: Cherry Cheezo Tea. However, they’re gonna be having it for a limited time only – so get your hands on a blend of refreshing sweetness with real, juicy fruit goodness!

Expect a drinkgasm when you taste fresh sweet cherry fruits mixed with juicy cherry and strawberry fruit pulps.

Wanna hear something even sweeter?

HEYTEA’s dedicated staff will manually crush the cherries to give you the authentic flavours and retain the texture of the cherries. What’s more, HEYTEA guarantees the quality of all fruits used, and only the highest quality cherries are flown in from Chile in South America!

HEYTEA is welcoming Chinese New Year with auspicious red packaging from today onwards to spread the happiness with all customers this heartwarming occasion. So expect to see all of their cup sleeves and paper bags in a stunning, auspicious red imprinted with the Chinese character 喜 – translating to happiness and prosperity! They also have 50 sets of limited-edition HEYTEA angbaos (red packets) to be given out from today till the 4th of February with purchase of HEYTEA’s Signature King Fone!

Once again, happy tea-drinking and remember to share the festive joy of HEYTEA with your loved ones!