Thanks to the internet, we’re able to entertain and express ourselves in ways ranging from mundane to magnificent. Being able to make the poop emoji with our hands, though, lets you do both.

So how do you make the poop emoji with your hands?

This is quite easy to figure out, but not easy to to attempt simply because no one actively thinks about making a poop emoji with their hands–or do they?

Here’s one Twitter user’s way of making the iconic emoji that people love to use and abuse:

Twitter user @GAWA_TaTsuTa   captured how their sister was able to make a rendition of the poop emoji with her hands, showing the same shape as well as the uneven lines of the swirly bits. Thanks to the brown floor, it’s even easier to visualize the emoticon.

But why poop?

The poop emoji is loved in Japan and in other parts of the world. But mostly in Japan, since the word for “poop” is “unko,” According to Sora News, “unko contains unwhich sounds exactly like the word for good luck, leading the emoji to be used as a symbol of good luck exchanged between friends before big events like tests, performances, and interviews.”

So you can expect people to be using the emoji in Japan for a lot more reasons than we do in Singapore. While you can still use the emoji to express how much you dislike a person, you can also use it to say “good luck.”

Here are other ways to do the poop emoji with your hands:

Another way to do it with friends!

Now, instead of asking your crush to make the heart emoji, maybe you can do the poop one instead and not be at risk of being heartbroken so much. You may be at risk of making your crush think that they’re poop, though.

Some people were even able to do it with one hand as below.

The one above uses a black background to show the poop emoji.

It’s just an emoji, what’s the big deal?

Did you simply forget about the Emoji movie? Or how about you can see the symbols on a ton of merchandise all over the world? Did you even watch “Inside Out” from Disney Pixar? Take a look at a lot of other ways the poop emoji has become a phenomenon across the world. Also, let people enjoy things, no matter how simple it is.

Here’s a Pez of the poop emoji!

Here are some you still make with your hands.

Can you make a poop emoji with your hands? Show us in the comments!