Aside from being passionate about becoming a Japanese Adult Video (JAV) actor or at the very least break into the industry, Turritopsis Dohrnii or Teo En Ming may also be under the impression that he is being stalked and targeted by the Singapore government.

Who is Teo En Ming?

In case you were wondering about who Turritopsis Dohrnii is, check out our previous posts here.

From his school records, it’s easy to see that he’s an intelligent man. He holds an engineering degree and at the same time is an expert in fluid mechanics.

So while we can always say that his JAV actor dreams are just his hobby or passion in life–what about his claims that he has been targeted by the Singapore government?

In a Scribd document published on the Linux Kernel Mailing List website last year, Turritopsis sends a message to the United Nations’ Human Rights Council, he claims that the Singapore government made subtle manoeuvres to deny him medical treatment.

Here is the complaint he published:

“I am persecuted, targeted, blacklisted, and condemned by the Singapore Government for offending Minister Mentor of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong.

There is a sudden onset of mild chest pain on 2nd or 3rd October 2014. The chest pain is intermittent and is localized to the left of my chest, somewhere around the heart. Sometimes the pain is described by dull aching, while other times it is a needle-prickling sensation.

There are two possibilities:

(1) I am too fat with a weight of 122 kg and a BMI of 38.5, so there is a high risk of heart disease. Even friends have commented that I have a high risk of heart disease.

(2) I could have been poisoned by the Singapore Government, causing chest pain.

On 3rd October 2014, I went to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) (government hospital) Emergency Department complaining about mild chest pain.

After taking my ECG and sending my blood sample to the laboratory for lab tests, the emergency doctor (Dr. Rafael Saciolo Pulido, 11333F) sent me back home saying that the ECG and lab test results are normal.

I was referred to the cardiologist at TTSH Medical Center for follow up on 8th Jan 2015 at 2:10 PM.

A few days later, on the 7th October 2014, I went to Singapore General Hospital (SGH, also a government hospital) Emergency Department complaining about mild chest pain.

Again, the doctor sent me back home saying that my ECG and blood test results are normal.

I was a bit suspicious when the emergency doctor (Dr Chew Bao Li, 19772F) didn’t put me through the chest pain protocol (CPP). I was referred to the National Heart Center Singapore (government hospital) for follow up on 4th December 2014. I am hoping to do a MRI scan of my heart at the National Heart Center Singapore.

It was on Mediacorp Channel 8 TV News that I have learned that the National Heart Center Singapore had bought a new MRI machine with improved accuracies for detecting blockages in the coronary blood vessels.

The last time I had chest pain was a few years ago in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

After all the government doctors in all the government hospitals rejected my requests for MRI scans of the heart and brain, leaving me with no choice, I finally went to Mount Elizabeth Hospital, a private hospital in Singapore, for CT scan of my heart, in the year 2011. I prefer MRI scan over CT scan because there is a large amount of harmful ionizing radiation in CT scans. CT scans carry a risk of causing cancer.

When the medical report for the CT coronary angiogram was released to me, I was shocked and astounded: zero percent stenosis of the coronary blood vessels and zero calcium score. This implies that I have perfect health!!! In fact, only an immortal could have zero percent stenosis of the coronary blood vessels and zero calcium score. 0% percent stenosis and 0% calcium deposits means that there is absolutely no blockages in the coronary blood vessels at all!!!

Even a healthy person would have a few percent of stenosis. How can this be possible when I am fat/obese with a weight of 122 kg and a BMI of 38.5? Further more, doctors have already told me that I have high cholesterol. Obviously the medical report for the CT scan of my heart had been doctored.

I have a strong suspicion that the Singapore Government had used strong arm tactics to force the radiologists at Mount Elizabeth Hospital to falsify my medical report. IT IS TOO OBVIOUS. You don’t need to have a man trained in medicine to tell that the medical report is both useless and worthless.

The medical report is completely incompatible with my physical characteristics (ie. weight 122kg, BMI 38.5, high cholesterol). Skeptical about the accuracy of the medical report, I lodged a complaint with the Singapore Medical Council, which is also a government agency.

The Singapore Medical Council is supposed to take 6-9 months to investigate and respond to medical complaints. Instead, it had taken more than one year to reply to me. It is obviously a delaying tactic. In its letter, the Singapore Medical Council said that it had found nothing wrong with my CT coronary angiogram medical report and went on further to convince me that it would take decades for plaques/deposits to build up in the coronary blood vessels. What unbelievable nonsense!

The Singapore Medical Council is a farce. A patient whom I met at SGH have told me her friend had heart bypass at age 45 and died at age 55. Compare the coronary blood vessels with the analogy of a transparent water hose. Only a few months after water have flowed through the transparent water hose, black deposits would start accumulating inside the water hose.

A few years later, the transparent water hose would become completely blackened. I believe the intention of the Singapore Government in allegedly falsifying my medical report is to make me complacent about my health, and defer exercising for a long period of time.

I believe the Singapore Government wants me to die young. I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!

I have already started a regular exercise program on 29 September 2014, starting with brisk walking for 2.4 kilometers at Toa Payoh Stadium in Singapore. I want to keep fit and healthy. I want to lose weight by the end of 2014. I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!

What should I do? Should I go overseas for MRI scan of my heart and brain? Which country would you recommend? I am afraid that the Singapore Government, with its immense wealth and power, would bribe the overseas hospital into falsifying my medical report.

Or should I wait for the cardiologist appointment at the National Heart Center Singapore on 4th December 2014? I am worried that the government heart specialist may reject my request for MRI scan of my heart. Even if the government heart specialist allows me to do a MRI scan of my heart, I am also worried that future medical reports would be falsified/doctored as well.

What should I do? What should I do? Do you see my dilemma?

Please help me!!! Please help me!!! Please help me!!! Please help me!!! Please help me!!!”

According to the complaint he sent in above, he had begun to have chest pains a few years ago. He went to several hospitals to have that pain checked, but they always said that his blood tests and cardiograms returned normal.

He would be referred to a clinic after his trips to the hospital but they would advise him all the same that his results were normal and there was nothing to worry about. Eventually, he went to a private hospital to take his MRI since he thought CT scans caused cancer. When the results came back, he was shocked to see that he had a clean bill of health!

According to him, it would be impossible for him to be that healthy or have no problems because he is overweight and he feels chest pains ever so often. He thinks that the Singapore government bribed the hospital to falsify his medical records so that he does not take care of himself and eventually dies young.

But the conspiracy doesn’t stop there

According to Turritopsis, he has also been allegedly barred from practicing his engineering degree because of the Singapore government.

In a forum thread on EDMW.XYZ, he relates a story of how an alleged conversation he had with his superior years ago may have been the trigger for his problems with the Singapore government.

In a series of posts on the forum, he said that he initially worked for Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) under the Ministry of Defense. After he allegedly casually mention to a superior in 2007 that he thought that Singapore was not a democracy, he claimed he was fired from the job.

From there, he claimed he had been forced to take successively lower-paying and non-engineering jobs as he was asked to be fired or to quit from each of them. He had gone through several security firms, restaurants, and groceries.

According to the post, he claimed he had been force to work as a cashier, a toilet cleaner and even a street sweeper, only to be forced to quit or resign.

He says that he is unable to hold down any sort of job because the Singapore government is allegedly targeting him.

He’s not the only one in the world with this feeling

Feelings of being targeted by the government, seeing “operatives” everywhere following you, and being increasingly paranoid are some of the characteristics that Turritopsis has in common with all the other people in the world who think they are being “targeted.”

In a New York Times post, people who think they are being stalked on targeted organise themselves and have even passed legislation that prohibits “mind control devices” from being used. Their network is quite strong since the way literature turns up on the internet shows that the feelings of being stalked and targeted as fact, when none of it has been proven at all.

Advice from groups who promote the idea of being stalked suggest that the people who experience this to not listen to relatives, to not see a doctor and to not engage the voices in their head.

Some psychiatrists mention the danger of such a group, because they exist in such a string echo chamber that they feed off each other’s intense paranoia, which could escalate into something more when things hit a critical level.

Turritopsis maintains a blog about being a targeted individual in Singapore, and even includes the title on his Facebook profile.

What do you think of Turritopsis’ life stories? Do you think he deserves to be a JAV actor even more in light of these details?