Daryl Aiden Yow is a famous photography influencer in Singapore who have been engaged by top brands by Sony, Oppo and UNIQLO, among many others. Read more about his rise to fame. 

He was exposed as a con man of sort for photoshopping many of the beautiful travel shots on his Instagram account instead of taking the actual shots physically. Here’s an example from Mustsharenews:

The internet reacted to Yow’s con job after he was exposed yesterday and the roasting is truly #SAVAGE.

Here’s one particularly classy burn from budget airline Scoot:

Here’s another one from Klaud9photos offering to give Yow lessons on real photography:

Here’s one from e-shop, Shopee, running a giveaway for a private island getaway:

The online communities have not taken kindly to Yow’s cheating ways and some people reacted with their own memes. We particularly like the one by Smith Leong whereby he traveled to Wakanda, Black Panther’s home country, to take an ootd as a tribute to Yow:

#OOTD at Wakanda. #darylaidenchallenge

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Here’s one by blogging queen Xiaxue, who claimed to have visited Santorini as well:

In fact, there’s a whole series of troll posts under #darylaidenchallenge which is being churned out regularly as joke posts on Instagram at the moment to mock the dude. 

Comments have not been kind either. People are now flooding Yow’s Instagram posts with nasty comments. Just read the comments off his latest post in Instagram to get a sample:

Here are some highlights:

There will be more to come as more brands, influencers, trolls and just about anyone else jump on to bandwagon to continue roasting Yow for the fun of it.

If you are feeling sorry for Yow, don’t.

One good thing about the influencer business is that as long as you can grow your online following, it doesn’t matter if it the fan base are made up of haters and trolls because the internet forgets just as fast as it burns. Yow’s instagram followers has since grown from 100k to 101k within a day and will continue to acquire more fans as his fame spread. All he needs to do now is to wait out for a couple of weeks and VOILA! He will be back in the game again with even more endorsements from bigger brands with his newfound fame.

Yow’s brother, Craven, may be in worse trouble, since the photos he’s been posting could be of him engaged in SAF training in red zone locations!

Congratulations Daryl Aiden Yow on a hugely successful viral marketing campaign to rebrand himself as one of Singapore’s top photoshop artist! Why learn photography when you can just stay at home and photoshop yourself into pictures and be famous for it?

In any case, Yow is not the first dude to try this photoshop trick for fame in Singapore. The OG in Singapore was this hairstylist Jonal Chong, “The Most Accomplished Hairdresser in Singapore”, who came to fame because of his photoshopping skills, adding himself to images with top celebrities like Nicole Kidman and claiming to be their personal stylist:

The sad thing though is that the influencer business was not a thing back in 2011. As such, Jonal Chong was not able to capitalise on his instant fame like what Yow will be able to do so now. As such, Chong ended up having to wind up his salon. If Chong’s expose was to have happen today, he would have the chance to rebrand himself as photoshop expert and instagram influencer with a large following to market to brands after the saga tide over. It’s a pity…

Meanwhile, here’s our tribute to Daryl Aiden Yow, adding on to the #darylaidenyowchallenge: