Daryl Aiden Yow, the photography influencer currently accused of allegedly photo-manipulating stock photos and pasting himself into them to pass as authentic photography work apparently has a brother, Craven Yow–and he may be in trouble because of photos too.

He has taken down all his Instagram photos and has issued a statement where he admits to accusations in a general manner, without specifying which photos were doctored and plagiarized.

But before that, read about how Craven tried to defend his brother in the rawest terms possible through his Instagram stories:

Could this be an admission of guilt? He said that other people may have never “made a mistake” and that people should stop speaking up and being envious of his brother’s success.

But he could be in actual trouble

As the Daryl Aiden Yow continues to face the Singaporean brand of internet justice, his brother may be in more trouble than him.

While Craven doesn’t post photoshopped Instagram images to gain himself more followers, he does post photos of himself in uniform while training with the Singapore Armed Forces.

And the last time we checked, this isn’t allowed.

A concerned citizen has already sent an email to the concerned parties as to whether action will be made against him. Craven Yow may not know about internet forums, as he has yet to take down his own photos.

The email above mentions a photo of an SAF member with cigarettes as well as a helicopter photo. The sender wanted to know if the photos were published with permission from the military authorities and that Craven had sought for permission to post these.

Daryl, though, has just taken down all the photos on his Instagram account.

So how bad are these photos?

Take a look at some of the shots he posted online, and other SAF members may be able to tell you if he’s going to get in trouble for these. He has recently made his Instagram account private, so these are screenshots of the photos he took down:

Here is another photo of him in uniform.

This is one of the more questionable photos because he has a cigarette while wearing the uniform.

While it is unclear if Craven is in this shot, he posted this helicopter training photo on Instagram.

Singaporean netizens have all expressed dismay over Daryl’s actions, but it is left to the owners of the photos he misused to pursue action.

But for this brother, will things be so easy?

Netizens on online forums weigh in on the military training photos that are floating around below:

Some pointed out which shots were the most incriminating ones. Perhaps these comments come from actual SAF officers or members?

Some would say that these brothers owe it to their parents as to why they’ve turned out like so.

Others say the brothers may go after the people on online forums for exposing their actions.

Some other commenters pointed out that another particular post on his Instagram account would be his downfall–specifically the one where there are soldiers alighting from a helicopter.