Nicole Choo - a timeline of her Rise to Fame! - Alvinology

Nicole Choo – a timeline of her Rise to Fame!

Some of you may have seen our recent posts on local influencers, such as the feature on Naomi Neo’s top videos and Elaine Jasmine (who has been in the limelight lately over an business incident). Well, we are back today with a feature on a familiar name – Nicole Choo! With almost 50,000 subscribers on Youtube and 97000 subscribers on Instagram, she is certainly a big name locally at the young age of 19!

Most recently, she has released a poetry book and organized book signings for the launch. She has also posted a Youtube video 2 months ago where she shares her thoughts on her writing journey.

Let’s take a look at Nicole’s rise to fame!

Starting her Career

On her blog, Nicole mentions that she started uploading covers on Youtube with her father’s encouragement at the young age of 10. She then proceeded to share her other works online and gradually expanded into other areas such as vlogs and modelling.

She had created her blog in 2013 and Youtube channel in early 2014.

Relationship with Ridhwan: 2014-2017

Nicole Choo - a timeline of her Rise to Fame! - Alvinology

Nicole had previously dated Ridhwan Asman, another local influencer famous for his role in the movie Ah Boys to Men, back in 2014 till 2017. This involved many incidents and online scandals which eventually led to a dramatic break-up, the details of which can be found here.

The public relationship caused Nicole to become more famous as many curious netizens followed their highly publicized relationship from start to end.

The New Paper – New Face 2015

Nicole Choo - a timeline of her Rise to Fame! - Alvinology
Photo from Nicole’s Dayre post on the audition

New Face is a modelling competition by The New Paper. In 2015, Nicole Choo participated in the competition which promises the winner $10,000 in cash and an exclusive feature in Her World magazine.

She had blogged about her experience in the second round of the auditions in a Dayre post after being asked to participate. However, she did not make it to the final round.

Going bare-faced in her makeup video: 2016

Nicole Choo - a timeline of her Rise to Fame! - Alvinology

On June 3, 2016, Nicole posted a video titled UPDATED EVERYDAY MAKEUP TUTORIAL where she briefly showed her bare face before makeup, where she looked significantly different as compared to her usual looks with makeup in posts.

This led to a flurry of hateful comments by netizens such as “LOLS. the huge difference, one model, one coffeshop ah lian” by “Tan Joel” and “Ew!!! Holy shit!! Nicole looks like a dam screwed up auntie without make up” by “annabelle !!!!!!!!!”.

She had admitted to the rather drastic change in appearance when with and without makeup with the statement “I know what you guys are thinking, ‘Nicole Choo looks so different without makeup’, but it’s true”.

Nicole Choo - a timeline of her Rise to Fame! - Alvinology

However, other netizens such as ‘MrOldestPerson’ also spoke up in defence of the influencer. Nicole had personally replied and thanked him for his kind words.

Partnership with Ezbuy: 2017

Nicole Choo - a timeline of her Rise to Fame! - Alvinology
Image from @nicole.choo

Nicole had previously been a paid partner with the brand Ezbuy, an online shopping website. However, after her public quarrel with ex-boyfriend Ridhwan aired online in her posts and videos, the shopping site had allegedly been reviewing its working agreement with her as the saga had affected her image on the social media landscape.

Influence Asia 2017

Influence Asia is a live awards show which honours individual and group achievements in the Social Media Influence industry across Asia.

In 2017, Nicole was 1 of 15 nominees under Singapore’s Youtube Personality category. The title eventually went to Yan Kay Kay instead.

And there you have it, key highlights of Nicole’s career as an influencer!

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