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Who is Elaine Jasmine?

By now, many of you may be familiar with the “Elaine Jasmine saga” involving influencer Elaine Jasmine and a jewellery business owner. On 16 April, she also took to Instagram to explain her side of the story in a post and on Instagram Live.

It is also interesting to note that 2 years back in 2016, she had taken to Dayre to comment on this similar topic of work ethics. She had met a “company that is unethical” and decided to write about it online. Of course, this event is a role reversal from the current saga as she asserts her own values in her post.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Elaine Jasmine, 24, is a local influencer (she has 80,000 followers on Instagram!) and now may be a good time to get to know her!

Prior to the saga, Elaine has been and is a model as well as an influencer who has been keeping a low profile. She had previously kept an online diary on Dayre but posts on it have stalled since 2017.

She has a Flickr account where she features travel and modelling photos.

Elaine also has a Youtube channel, elainejasminepoop, where she posts vlogs of her travels and daily life. Her first video features her 21st birthday party 4 years ago at Caribbean @ Keppel Bay.


Elaine is part of a 5-person household with 2 younger sisters.


Elaine had been an arts student in NUS. On Dayre, she has mentioned a previous desire to become a teacher under NIE. While she had received an offer, she eventually decided to give up the offer to pursue other goals. However, she had been tutoring back in 2016 as a part-time job.

On her Dayre, she mentioned staying at Kent Ridge Hall for her first 2 years and Sheares Hall in her final year while studying in NUS.

Love Life

Who is Elaine Jasmine? - Alvinology

In 2016, she celebrated her 4th year anniversary with her boyfriend, Gabriel Naa or “Gabe’ as she affectionately calls him. She documented that in her Dayre post where they went to PS Café at Dempsey (a place that they visit every anniversary ever since he asked her to be his girlfriend there!).

As of a week ago, she has accepted Gabe’s marriage proposal – check out the touching video here! She also posted photos of the proposal on her Instagram account.


Elaine has openly shared about her battle against anorexia on Dayre. She has mentioned that after sharing on her journey, many girls had written to her to express encouragement or seek advice and she is thankful for the positive affirmation from netizens.

Rise To Fame

She has been featured on prominent lifestyle websites online for her modelling.

For example, she was listed along with 7 other girls as one of Singapore’s “hottest online models”, with the website commenting that she is a “sweet-looking” girl.

Asiaone has also featured her under a “Hot Bods” series, where she shared on her diet and exercise regimen.

TV Drama: Star Crossed

Elaine features on a Toggle Original local drama titled Star Crossed as the main lead, Si En. In the show, she is featured as a dreamy fangirl whose life is changed forever when she sneaks into the rehearsal studio of her favourite actors.

You can watch episodes of her drama online!

And there you have it, an introduction to local influencer Elaine!

Read the latest about Elaine Jasmine and her saga with jewellery brand By Invite Only.


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