In a recent set of posts put up by netizen Trixie Khong, you’ll find that she called out Singaporean Instagram influencer Elaine Jasmine for unprofessional behaviour. The influencer has since apologised, but is it enough to retain her image and not scare away other brands from dealing with her?

What happened?

The first post went up on Facebook, which detailed the transactions and agreements between Elaine and Trixie. Take a look at the full Facebook post below:

According to the post, Trixie had contacted Elaine to do some sponsored posts for her brand. They had agreed on a schedule and payment (including merchandise) and that would have been the end of that.

But after money and merchandise had been exchanged, Elaine had become quite difficult to reach. For 3-4 weeks, Elaine was allegedly difficult to reach, and the scheduled date for the post came and went with no post going up on the influencer’s Instagram account.

Once Elaine got back, she apologised and said that she had forgotten about the posting. They scheduled it again, but the schedule was missed, and Trixie tried to contact the influencer. When she didn’t get any response, she resorted to commenting on Elaine’s Instagram.

When that didn’t work, she posted the whole saga on Facebook.

Finally, this prompted Elaine to reply to Trixie through WhatsApp. This is what she said:

She finally contacted Trixie and gave the reason that she didn’t like the products and that she doesn’t want to push products to her followers if she doesn’t like them. She asked trixie to take the post down and immediately said that she would transfer back the payment and send the items back.

Trixie deigned not to reply, and the next tie Elaine contacted her, it was to send an image of a bank transfer. According to Elaine, she added $100 to include the cost of a piece she had broken. She also said that she was overseas and did not have her banking token with her, so she could not refund Trixie then.

She also told Trixie that she didn’t want to post anything since it would defame the brand, as if she was doing the brand a favour.

In another conversation, Elaine had also said that Trixie was actually the unprofessional one, since she had resorted to telling the world the whole story on Facebook. When Trixie refuted that, Elaine only replied with, “lol.”

That’s not the end of it though

According to Trixie, Elaine had then gone on to do a LIVE video of how she did not like the brand’s pieces. She had also explained a little about her side of the story.

Elaine posted on her Instagram account this explanation following the whole saga:

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By now, many of you would have heard of the latest ‘Elaine Jasmine Saga’. A jewellery business owner posted an expose about me and the unfortunate encounter we had while working together a few weeks ago. – To be honest, I initially refrained from commenting on the issue because I felt it was unnecessary as I always believed that issues can be solved by communicating directly with the other party, instead of taking the matter publicly online- it wouldn’t reflect well on either side. – However, the matter quickly blew up as the owner’s post soon started spreading. Aside from the post, other brand owners added comments and screenshots which showed other instances of when I displayed similar behaviour. – I don’t deny many of the alleged accusations. Yes, some were taken out of context and dramatised to put me in negative light, but some parts of it were true. This is something I admit and I am truly sorry. As such, I would like to take the initiative to formally apologise: – Firstly, I acknowledge having a busy schedule on my part, does not warrant a delay in payments. For this, I apologise and will focus on improving my work ethic. – Secondly, I should have handled conflict with a better attitude. I was angry and hurt but I should not have responded in such a spiteful manner. In future, I will be more mindful of how I treat others. – I am truly sorry for my unprofessional behaviour and the unhappiness I have caused. It was never my intention to do so and it hurts me so much to see so much negativity created because of my mistake, even if most of the instances mentioned took place years ago when I was more naive and immature. – Thank you to those of you who have stood by me to encourage and advise me during this period, as well as friends/clients who have expressed their concern and continued faith in me despite everything. – Moving forward I hope to grow as a person and learn from this encounter. I will do my utmost best to prevent such issues from arising again. – Love, Elaine Jasmine

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As you can see, she clearly apologises in the post above for her unprofessional behaviour and how she treated Trixie as well as other businesses that have dealt with her.

But is it enough?

Other people have commented on Trixie’s post and have said that they had allegedly encountered the same treatment from Elaine.

One of them sent swimwear for her to use, and were promised posts. But when the posts did not materialise, they immediately asked for a refund for the swimwear and the post fees. She only got back to them much later, and did not take their communication seriously.

She also allegedly belittled the amount of money exchanged, saying the brand made such a big deal over $154.

In another commenter’s post, Elaine allegedly said that a brand could take and post the screenshots of their exchange, as it would make the brand look even more childish.

So far, Elaine’s Instagram has over 80,000 followers.

Header image from Elaine Jasmine’s Instagram account.