Woman arrested over Tiong Bahru Owndays assault, but the internet wants its pound of flesh

With such an incendiary video now viral for the violence towards two Singaporean shop girls, you can surely expect netizens to give their honest, from-the-gut, intense opinions on the matter of the Tiong Bahru Owndays assault.

While the original Facebook post with the video uploaded by netizen Gerald Teo has been taken down, you can still find the video on YouTube. Watch it below:

So what happened?

According to a post by Owndays, a woman came into the shop, asking for assistance. A few moments later, the woman in the green top and brown shorts in the video began verbally and physically abusing the shop girls while the supposedly person she was running after filmed the incident.

Aside from pulling, slapping, hitting, and rushing towards the shop girls, she also repeatedly cursed loudly, called the Chinese girls bad words and even told them to get her bracelet that she allegedly lost in the back room of her store.

Netizens investigate

Trust photo sleuths, video detectives, and the dedicated netizens to try to piece together this incident. Upon checking the video, they saw that she entered the store with the bracelet and in her throes of anger she may have let the bracelet fly into the back room of the store.

What’s more, the woman was allegedly heard threatening to call the police and The Black Cats. According to netizens, this is an elite group of fighters in India who are working for the government.

The police have issued a statement saying that they are investigating the matter and that 45-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with the case. No news yet if any charges have been filed.

Owndays, on the other hand, put out a statement thanking the public for their concern and interest in the matter, saying that they took great care with the welfare of their employees. The girls involved have been on leave and are being looked at by doctors for their injuries.

Netizens want their pound of flesh

With the vide being viewed millions of times around the world, you can be sure that strong opinions have been laid out. Here are some of the things people are saying about this incident:

Some commenters mentioned stereotypes.

Others complained that no more information was available on the woman who assaulted the shop girls.

While others had comments on how the security guard handled the situation. They wanted the guard to restrain the woman or get a bit more physical.

This one confirmed that the woman mentioned the Black Cats.

Others made assumptions on why the woman was screaming about Chinese girls. In the video, you can see that she constantly referred to Chinese girls in her neighbourhood.

While others took note of the reaction to the issue because of the woman’ assumed ethnic origins.

Others continued to comment on the security guard’s behaviour.

Some commenters were violent with their opinions.

A common call in the comments was for someone to dox the woman or find out her personal information.

Some expressed what they wanted to happen for this case.

If someone made an issue of the angry woman’s assumed nationality, someone also made an issue of the shop girls’ ethnicity too.

What do you think of this incident? Let us know in the comments!

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Header image from Gerald Teo Facebook video

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