Launches GoSocial with Guerilla Street Pole-Dance Performances - Alvinology Launches GoSocial with Guerilla Street Pole-Dance Performances

Notice anything different on lately?

We added a new section in our main navigation bar – GoSocial!

Content will be predominantly in English, very different from the other content sections in I will be contributing articles on GoSocial , hence do show some love by bookmarking the landing page; visit it daily and share what interests you. 🙂

GoSocial on!
GoSocial on!

More information about GoSocial:

From tongue-in-cheek opinion pieces on social media trends to choice picks of the hottest viral content, GoSocial aims to provide readers with fun and informative reads on the “need-to-know” in social media today. With new features such as “Trending on Twitter”, “Trending on Google”, and “Trending on YouTube”, users will be able to see the latest trending topics in Singapore at a quick glance.

In line with the launch of GoSocial, conducted a “social experiment” to observe public reactions towards unusual sights around them, and the corresponding follow-up effect on social media. On 23 and 24 November, three pole performers from popular local pole-fitness studio Acro Polates hit the bustling streets of Shenton Way and Orchard Road, strolling along like the rest of the crowd, but suddenly launching into impressive pole-fitness stunts at busy traffic junctions using street sign posts.

While the unexpected performances surprised passers-by initially, most people recovered fast enough to whip out their mobile phones to take photos and videos. Within hours after the performances ended, photos and videos of these guerilla performances were spotted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, shared by different members of the public. In order to gauge the reach of these social media content, has called for members of the public who shared the pole-dancing performances on their social media accounts to come forth for a chance to win prizes.
Seen on Facebook via EDMW Love Singapore

Apart from exploring the hottest trends on social media,’s newest section GoSocial will also feature articles, photos and videos that are worth sharing, and encourage readers to “go social” with what they read.

Lee Kuan Fung, Associate Editor,, said: “Since the widespread adoption of social media, users’ reading habits have changed. People are no longer just reading from singular sources, but instead taking in an array of information based on what their social media communities are sharing and talking about. With GoSocial, we are providing a one-stop service for local readers to keep abreast of social media news that they might have missed. Having said that, social media works best when we have contributions from different communities, so omy.sgwill also be on the lookout for contributors with unique perspectives to be guest writers for the section via our Star Writers Programme.”

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