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Seafood Paradise (天庭海鲜) @ 91 Defu Lane 10

seafood paradise

I love eating at this seafood restaurant. It’s tucked away in the Ubi Industrial area, occupying an entire warehouse’s canteen. I suppose the ulu location helps to keep prices low. I doubt quality seafood in Singapore can get any cheaper than at Seafood Paradise.

Here’s some pictures taken during my last visit there with Rachel and my parents.

toufu and vegetables

Pork floss beancurd with sweet and sour Kai Lan vegetable. We also ordered a serving of stirred fried beef, not shown in this picture as it was gobbled up too quickly.

butter crab

My favourite dish – Butter Crab! The thick, milky gravy is heavenly for a dairy-lover like me.

fried mantou

Fried mantou to go with the Butter Crab gravy.

butter crab and fried mantou

The combination of Butter Crab and mantou made Rachel’s day. She usually don’t eat much, but when served with these two items together, she will transform into a hungry little piglet on a binge.

The total bill came to around S$100. That works out to around S$25 per pax for a quality seafood meal. Reasonable. 🙂

If you are interested, here’s the address:

The Seafood Paradise Restaurant
91 Defu Lane 10
Swee Hin Building
Singapore 539221
Tel: 6487242

If you are going on weekends, try to make reservation beforehand as it will be quite packed. Their service is usually quite fast, but on busy days, expect to wait for around half an hour for your food to arrive.

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  1. I visited this place about 2 years ago and the crab dish was disappointing! I think the crab was very old, cos the meat has a slight bitter taste. No nice one… bleah.

    We also had a sambal fish, some herbal vegetable and the toufu. Fortunately those dishes were delicious. Hah. Did u try the crispy fried chicken skin (?) before? I heard it’s nice but that time I went it was sold out. Maybe I shall visit the place again.

  2. Hi Yuting! 🙂

    Really ah? Maybe they have improved, haha. I only started going there about a year ago. They used to occupy just 1/3 of the canteen. Now, they have taken over the whole place. Business very good.

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