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Another side of LOL Girl – Sexy Dance, Steamy Prank Videos

Will we ever see an end to the incessant stream of news from the LOL girl?

Doan Thi Huong, also known as the “LOL girl”, the alleged assassin of Kim Jong-nam, may not have seen this coming – but many sexy videos of Doan before she became famous worldwide are starting to surface online.

The most viral one is a steamy video of her locking lips with a “prankster”. The video looks extremely staged and her acting skills are questionable. Who knows she will go on to be involved in the assassination of a North Korean leader that will make her infamous worldwide:

Another video featured Doan decked in a figure-hugging white dress, dancing the night away at a night club in Vietnam:

As greater light is shed on her personal life, our curiosity towards this deadly assassin is piqued further by even the slightest detail. Since her high-profile assassination, she’s become fodder for gossip for numerous reasons. One of them draws our attention to 5 scandalous things about her personal life that will make your jaws drop.

It isn’t the first time she’s taken part in “pranks”

For all we know, she could have made multiple appearances in many of such pranking videos. Apparently, the forfeit in the game for the lady (which is Huong here) is to kiss the man whenever she loses. As for the man, if he loses, he would have to be slapped by Huong.

That awkward smooching just made us all uneasy

If there’s anything about the video so glaring we can’t miss, it’s her unwillingness to kiss the host.  Anyone who has seen the video will be hard-pressed to deny that. That slap, was also in so many ways, unsettling – and of course, cringe-worthy.

What?! She studied in med school?

Several news sources have revealed that she actually studied in a medical school, in Hanoi. Hard to believe, huh?

Her father claimed that Huong went to school a decade back and came home to visit the family twice a year. It was also believed that she didn’t have many friends in her hometown, Nam Dinh, north of Vietnam.

We wonder what does she do for her “extra-curricular” activities. That, we leave it to your imagination.

Pharmacy student by day, party animal by night

Another side of LOL Girl - Sexy Dance, Steamy Prank Videos - Alvinology
Source: Facebook.

Well, imagine no more – as Huong is pretty much a party animal when night falls. This video clip of her dancing to the loud music at a crowded nightspot says it all.

She has also been reported to work at late-night entertainment outlets in both Vietnam and Malaysia. Maybe this explains the leaked video of her dancing sexily in the night club.

The video is her shot at the fame game

Another side of LOL Girl - Sexy Dance, Steamy Prank Videos - Alvinology
Source: Facebook.

Could the video be another attempt of hers to be Internet-famous? We have no idea which came first but this “prank” might just be what she was looking for as she waited for an opportune moment after her failed Vietnamese Pop Idol audition.

Her efforts have not been in vain as we are checking out this video now – and of course, she’s now the LOL girl whom everyone knows of.

If not for the Internet, many of us would have no way of seeing this side of Huong. One of her former managers even mentioned that she had a gentle temperament – running contrary to the deadly assassin image painted of her in the media.

Nevertheless, history has debunked our stereotype of all women being sweet and nothing else as 10 prominent female figures show us how savage the fairer sex can be.

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