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I am Adelyn Hosehbo and I am a Gen Z Ah Lian

This 14 year-old brat who goes by the web moniker, “Adelyn Hosehbo is trending on Google Search, Facebook and Twitter like wildfire:

Look mum, I slapped you and became famous!
Look mum, I slapped you and became famous!


I would think it’s because she epitomizes the worst of the Gen Z, the generation born into a world where the Internet already existed.

The whole Adelyn Hosehbo saga is documented on this forum thread in EDMW. If you are too lazy to read through the hundreds of postings, Adelyn allegedly slapped her mum for nagging at her and also stole from her to buy a LV wallet. Being a Gen Z, she has to bring these deeds to the next level by boasting about them on Facebook to the world:

How I slapped my mum
How I slapped my mum
How I steal from mum
How I steal from mum

What is worse?

Other Gen Z, including both Adelyn’s friends and strangers, came out to support her actions after the saga hits the news stand. Apparently, slapping your own mum is not a big deal to these kids, with some even boasting to have done the same:

We slapped our mums too!
We slapped our mums too!

I disagree.

Which is why I am posting Adelyn’s pictures, Facebook and Twitter accounts here:

Facebook Account 1 – Adelyn Van Hosehliao

Facebook Account 2 – Adelyn Hosehbo

Facebook Account 3 – Adelynn Sibo

Facebook Account 4 – Adelynn VannyBellaa

Twitter – @AdelynHosehbo

If it is fame Adelyn wants as a Gen Z Ah Lian, it is fame Adelyn gets:

Adelyn Ho Seh Bo?
Adelyn Ho Seh Bo?
Adelyn Ho Seh!
Adelyn Ho Seh!

Ho Seh Bo?


  1. Woah, those are some eyebags. Girl, you don’t need a LV wallet; save up for the surgery. Oh, and get an education. The fuck you typing?

  2. Wth…? i’m happy that she’s not my sister…!! If she is, she would be dead by now..!
    Is she a human?? Slapping her mother…!! Such an Idiot…!!
    and she is also proud of it…!! erh…!! stupid…!! if she’s standing rite infront of me I WOULD HAVE GIVEN A BLOODY FU*KING TIGHT SLAP..
    i am also same age with her…! juz because of her the teenagers are getting bad name…!!
    something surely’s gonna happened to her….! if her mother had reacted to her after that bloody idiot slapping her mother.. its ok..!

  3. No lah, Julian, that’s a Gucci. Ugh, went to her FB and Twitter and now my brain feels like it’s been shat on. She may have a wad of hundred dollar notes, but she doesn’t seem to have two brain cells to rub together.

  4. Sigh…. I weep for the future of our country if there are many kids like her. This is why shopping is almost a non-event in my family. We don’t want to raise a materialistic brat!

  5. What the fuck? What the hell is wrong with these fucking kids?! Use that stolen money to hire a goddamn tuition teacher you whore. Your English is fucking TERRIBLE. Why do almost all Singaporeans talk like that? Really, WHY?

  6. This is really depressing.I;m from the gen before her,and if THIS is the level that teenagers have now,that materialism is important for socialising then, we are so doomed.

    To be slapped by your own child is worst than getting hit by a train.I probably feel for the mum when she did that.What’s a mum to do if the child becomes so materialistic and wants everything and by hook or by crook,do whatever’s necessary to get it.

    I understand when one is young, rebelling is a must.That you want every single thing.But when the parent says no,the hard part is to obey. Love parents.

    The fact that this whole fiasco’s been going on for sometime indicates that it’s been going on for sometime,causing this girl to have her mind warped into thinking her mum’s the devil.

    One day,when she’s old enough and looks back,i guarantee it,the look of regret will be of utmost anguish.

  7. Well, i do hope that when you talk bout her gen, which is also my gen, pls dont generalise us. .___.
    For till today, i still dont see the big deal bout owning branded stuffs.

  8. Initially, I was less willing to so-called ‘over-condemn’ (perhaps some people might argue that the criticism she’s receiving is far too little) her, after all she’s just a teenager who barely know the ‘black-and-white’s in life.

    However, knowing that she did these terrible things, i.e stealing her mom’s jewellery and being such an unfilial kid, she definitely deserves all these. Perhaps, she should apologise to all of her other peers whom she has tarnished the reputation of with her stupid and unrespectful acts.

    Enough of the cursing and mocking of Adelynhosehbo. Because right now as adults (young and matured alike), our job is to educate our younger generations using this example. We must ensure that in our society there will not be kids like her. We must educate the youths to prioritise their moral values and education, and not allow materialism to enslave them. They must understand that being a delinquent is nothing but detestable (which Adelyn has done the job well as illustration).

    I sincerely hope that her peers have learnt something from her experience. At the same time, we should also start to turn our focus around to more important issues in our life, shouldn’t we? (:

  9. Alright guys… Pity her ok..? Maybe she did it out of angsty… But right now no point crying over spilled milk isn’t it. Just let it go. Let her do some soul-searching on her own… Give it a rest peeps. I’m not siding anyone. Just don’t see the point of you guys scolding her online. And please, don’t do anything foolish. Eg, seeing her on the street and give her a piece of your mind. Please don’t turn yourself into a babarian.

  10. lucky not my school mate.. if my school mate , i make sure i slap her regardless her gender.. and yes, i agree to Blithe comment, for this case, we should of cause stop scolding her but spread this and also NOT give her a piece of our mind when we saw her.. I dont see why we shouldn’t spread this as she really wants to show via a viral website such as Facebook how tough and daring she is to do all sorts of nonsense, why not we help her also… And as we all know this is might be known to other country about how hooligan our teens are but lets take this as a lesson to all generation Z teens and us not to post such privacy matter into a viral webpage such as Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Tumblr… family matters are supposed to be kept private..

  11. She looks like some stupid assed drug addict. Damn biatch, you no brain is it? She only nag at you right, she never slap you, why you need slap her? Bodoh or what? Fucking brainless, can. You think you so smart is it? Slap mom like that. Later you get a daughter/son, I SWEAR, YOU DESERVE A TIGHT HIGH FIVE ON YOUR IRRITATING AHLIAN FACE.

  12. Eyebags due to major smoking i guess? O-O is that even a side effect if smoking? ._.
    She is spoiling the name of Singapore teens!!
    Not all teens are like that. Im sure of that.
    She should really apologize to her mother!
    Like make a youtube vid or smth.. Imagine the pain she went through for you and yet you can slap her? Ungrateful. Really.

  13. Horrible Delinquents of this generation, If she does wake up her ideas someday, then this period that she’s going through right now is worth it to be a stepping stone in life (I believe majority of kids been through this stage in life), But if she’s gonna remain like this and not changed, then she doesn’t deserved this life.

    Go get some food and put on less make up. Bring your mother out for dinner and go to school for F Sake. -Facepalm- *Stop hanging out with those pathetic trash bengs and lians.

  14. Can’t help but comment that she’s just wasting our precious oxygen and giving SIngaporean Teens a bad name. Even gangsters at least respect or love their parents?

  15. Times really have changed, and so have our value systems, Most kids nowadays care only about material comfort and that’s about almost all they want, and parents are getting softer in a sense that they cannot bring themselves to punish their children even if the need for it arises. People like her are most pitiful, and what they need most now is help instead of having us flaming and cursing at her (even though I must agree with most of you that she probably needs to burn in hell).

    Let’s think of something more constructive. Our so-called bengs and lians have been outcasted by society, and for them to thrive, they need people with them, that’s why the root of the problem will never be solved if ignorant teens are always being recruited then having their minds polluted by temptations of the devil. By engaging in thefts to indulge in hedonistic lifestyles, these people are almost devoid of morals. The least we can do is to educate them, not to further shun them by dismissing them as societal misfits.

    This Adelyn Bohoseh is yet another classic example showing us how moral values are eroding in our nation. Such cases are actually happening in our nation but unreported because so far she has been the only one dumb enough to show off her ill-gotten gains online. From the looks of it she is only still in secondary school, best to nip her in the bud and make sure she never does it again.

  16. Adelyn : I’m a guy age 20 and I live with my parents for like 20 years? My mum is very strict and to me she’s a clean freak. She nags all the time. Even if I don’t comb my hair, cut my nails and etc. Girl, you just live with her for like 14 years. Imagine my life? Add up another 6 years into it. I think my mum nags more than yours. I wonder what will you do to my mum if you are her daughter? You slap her and you think it’s not such a big deal. It shows how wasting your life is.

  17. Adelyn, uue should really repent. Dont you even feel guilty for your actions? Let’s say if uue were to ignore about your mum giving birth to uue, than how about school fees? Lets count from kindergarden till secondary. The money she used on uue, she could buy branded stuffs. But she use it on uue, so dont uue think uue are really worse than anything? Ya, uue might feel proud when people say ‘adelyn, uue are famous!’ But let me tell uue, if i were uue, i will just dig a hole and hide like a rabbit. Hiding cant make uue avoid everything. People will forget your matters but remember your face. Just face it up, i believe everyone of us learn the word ‘everyone makes mistakes, its just whether uue change or not’ , apologise to your mum. Please, dont spoil singapore teen’s reputation. Not all of us has english like you do. Wake up your idea dude!(:

  18. Adelyn, you’re embarrassing yourself. You’re making the Singapore population to decrease, and all that’s because of your stupid acts toward your mother. You can even smoke, or whatever. You’ll get revenge, I can bet for that. Look, you stolen money from your mother and get robbed by your own friend. So what’s the next revenge? Be careful girl… You must repent, or else there’s no hope for you for your next life.

    Life is just ONE shot.

  19. Hey look . She regrets it already okay ? As long as she learns from it then its alright . She slapped her mom ? Any proof ? And its her family matter . Let her family solve it . Who are we to be “busybodies” to care about what is going on in other people’s family ? And there are cases in which people kill their parents alright ? So stop making a big fuss out of it . Thanks .

  20. Since you need money so much why don’t you go geylang be prositude?also since you got the guts to slap your mum I am sure that you will have the guts to be prositude. 😀

  21. She is giving Singaporean teens a bad name. But you guys who are posting are making it worse. Shes wrong and she did something wrong. She might not even realise her mistakes. But you guys who are condemning her please take a moment to read your own comments. Shaming and humiliating someone is no better.

  22. Adelyn, yknow what? Go fuck yourself, i may be a person who is vulgar, fiercesome or whatsoevershit, but when my mum nags, i just shut the fuck up and listen, i don’t slap her, please think through. Parents have th rights to slap their child, child doesn’t. Seriously you need tons of counselling sessions

  23. Hey people, i bet you her mother must be a bit*h too. Kids wouldn’t slap or steal from parents who love them, and as Singaporean parents go, they usually treat their kids like trash… Maybe her mother deserved it. But even if she did, of course Adelyn shouldn’t have slapped her, so i guess it’s both of the girls’ fault, mostly the mother. I mean, why would a kid slap their own mother unless the parent taught them to do so? Bad example. And those of you who think she should go for surgery because you think she’s ugly and all, take a look in the mirror and take in the ugly person looking back at you! At least Adelyn is one hot girl with a nice body!

  24. Fuck up all of you Singaporean assholes who can’t even mind ya own business! If it were you who slapped your mum and now everyone was against you, you’d probably all break down and cry like shitted asses who need cleaning! So shut your mouths or i’ll shut it for you, each one of you! Heartless souls, don’t even know what’s really happening under her roof but still have a piece of mind to say something bad!

  25. Lol. What a disgrace to Singapore, if she wants money just be a plk, why need to steal from her mum and even slapped her wtf? Seriously, did her ovaries switched places with her brains?

  26. @the unknown.
    If we keep silent when someone is doing wrong, it means we agree with her! Worse is when we start supporting her in public forum! We should be clear here that she is in the wrong by 1)slapping her mom, 2)stealing money, 3)boasting about them online. Hopefully she get the msg and realize her fault. The only fault her mom committed is spoiling her and we shouldn’t do the same. I hope now the parents can be firm to discipline this kid to save her from becoming a delinquent.

  27. Hmm . She’s rude , and it’s her wrong to slap her mum , but isn’t it going to be unfair for the other teens that are perfectly innocent if all of them are judged like they’re like her just because they’re from the same generation . To me , it’s just her loss that she doesn’t appreciate her mother’s kindness and care for her . She may seriously have some attitude problems , has anyone heard her point of view or something …? (: yeah just my opinion ~ ^^

  28. First of all, she did not slap her mum. That was an act to garner attention from her ahlian and ahbeng friends. I think people should stop being so judgemental when they don’t know anything. Her mum knows that she stole her jewelry and hs forgiven her. I don’t think she needs to ask for your forgiveness. Outsiders should never meddle with family matters.

  29. You don’t know what she did was true or not… I wonder how the whole singapore even found and commented on her posts. And okay, you disagree, yeah, so can I ask you here and now, what do you want her to do? Like the above post said, if she apologized already, then the matter is over, all that is left is just you. If you don’t accept her apology, then what you want her to do? Commit suicide?

    There’s a reason for everything. You don’t know what this girl has been through. You are not her, you are not god either. Leave the poor girl alone…

  30. LOL! Links don’t work. Why arh? And wa so rich >.> jealous. But hell no im not gonna steal my mom’s money.

  31. Shes framed by that girl in the picture at the top aclled Ezella Goh, I know what happened man. The money and everything is framed up. Shes a bitch for doing that cause she’s jealous the guy she like got stolen

  32. @Author

    If the entire case is a setup then why didn’t Adelyn step out to clear her own name, I’m sure if you are being wrongly accused of something you have not done, you wouldn’t just hide and delete all your social network accounts. Yes, i know that she’s just 14 but I’m sure that she has more means of defending herself if she has not done anything wrong.

    For ignorant people who are defending her, do some soul searching. Would you feel good at the end of the day if you did what she did? Even if it’s not real actions but words on a social network page. If you don’t feel guilty, it’s sad to say that maybe you have a low EQ. And before you start preparing your keyboards to go on a war with me, i do have friends who went against their parents and i know they have truly regretted what they have done. I believe it’s the young age and her ignorance to her surroundings that led to such behavior. Not that i stereotype but neighborhood schools tend to have such influence on these kids. I came from a neighborhood school too, just to make it clear before you start shooting me. If i were her friend, i would talk to her and not encourage her. This ‘unique’ ahlian and ahbeng culure has got to stop, it is hurting the reputation of Singapore as this types of news go online and around.

    And to Riri, this information is online. Anyone who has a com can access it. There’s no piracy anymore

  33. Spare the rod, spoil the child. The incident did not happen overnight. Negligence over a long term resulted in a massive blow. The oonly thing the mom can do is to wait for her daughter to wake up!

  34. erm ure sure one peacefull kid ill get my ass kick out of the house if i do that anyway what the hell u slap ure mother for because she nag at u is it, man get some brain or something?even if ure mother nag at u just ignore it and follow as what she said so this won’t happen again why the hell u need to slap her for man if i was ure best friend i think ill give u advice everyday and even sometime everyone hate their mother about nagging but they just ignore it because they know what is wrong or right and one more thing why the hell u post this at facebook twitter and idk anywhere u post this at u can just keep it to ure self anyway if u say ure mother is a dog ure a dog too because she is the one who born u thats all i have to say

  35. I’m really sad and sorry to come across this news. Before we get our fingers pointing, we gotta look at the wider perspective (of Singapore). Is Singapore’s parenting standards degrading? Is Singapore’s education system going the wrong way?

    As pointed out by some fellow netizens, this occurance don’t just happen like this. It’s caused by a build-up of factors. We can also see such acts getting common within the Gen Z. This ain’t just one girl’s problem.

    Though to a certain extent her mum was the victim, the wider picture shows she might actually be the culprit (involuntarily) of this incident. This is a serious parenting issue. Was she too career-focused that Adelyn’s up-bringing was neglected? Was she too lenient and over-doted Adelyn, spoiling her in the process? Did she lack the parenting skills required cuz of inexperience?

    On the other hand, did Singapore’s education system play a part in this whole saga? It’d been donkey years since i had finished my Primary and Secondary Education. I still remember going through “Hao Gong Min” in Primary School, what about Secondary Education? It was more focused on knowledge-building and and exam-preparations. Even social education was very into racial harmony and Singapore’s history. Very little family ethics and other common ethical issues are addressed and touched upon. All these burden are laid onto the shoulders of our parents. Yet another question boils down, are they well-equiped?

    In conclusion, i would like to point out that this case, like that of the kid being bulldozed by 2 vehicles in China, reflects the deep Societal and Cultural problems within a Country/Region. No point flaming her. She is the PRODUCT of these problems. Face it.

  36. Perhaps the money should be used to secure decent accommodation in a girl’s home. Theft from one’s parents should never be condoned and it’s not even a particularly large sum of money.

  37. Lawls she looks dam ugly and i hope she gets raped next time, a disgrace to the 7billion ppl living on this earth. Worst than a animal

  38. I’m sure she’ll be send to hell when she’s dead!
    If i’m the mother, i would rather not have this daughter!
    What comes around goes around, her karma is yet to reached!
    Fucking Bitch! “BAI YANG”!

  39. And she’s setting a very bad example to other children in the society, she should think thrice before acting. Anyways her children will do the same to her next time

  40. @Author

    Only thinks…. Get a language education before you shoot back at me. Your grasp of language is horrendous.

  41. hahahahahaha waaaaaaaaaaa really ho seh liao!! fucking bitch knn !! hope when she become a mother ,her kid slap her fucked up face till her fucking face bleed!!:D

  42. you are worse then a prostitude. someday no one will become your friend and no one will care if you were dead . look at the mirror and see how beautiful you are. it is because you inherited from your parents . you are a brat i am sure no one wants a girlfrend like you or a friend . i really feel very pity for your mother to have a daughter herself.
    one last word , you are disgracing singaporean teens . go and look at the mirror and ask yourself. you should have go to the girls home .

  43. Adelyn: Seriously? I mean, I don’t have the cleanest record in the whole world and I certainly do not have the right to tell people what to do, but I am most certainly going to say my thoughts, whether you give a sh*t or not. I am seventeen and I certainly do not think you deserve to breathe the air on this earth.

    Your mother, carried you for nine months, God bless her, enduring whatever morning sickness and whatever ailments that plague pregnant women. She slogged her guts to put food in your ungrateful mouth, to put a roof over your undeserving head, to put clothes on your body, to give you a proper education. And this is how you treat her? By physically harming her, by embarassing her in the public view and by betraying her trust, stealing her jewellery to get a puny branded wallet? My dear, the only embarassment that your poor mother has to suffer is by having such a daughter like you.

    Granted, my English is not elite and I have disobeyed my parents when I was younger, but my eyes are now open to the kindness and love that they have shown me by simply not throwing me out into the streets for the dogs to feast on. Your mother has endured enough of your lies and your irresponsible treatment to your body by smoking and drinking. People symphathise you and feel that you have regretted your actions. However, you prove us wrong by cursing back, acting as if showing disrespect to your parents is ‘NO BIG DEAL’ by getting all your kakis to come back you up. You would not be here if not for them, ungrateful brat.

    If you want to be treated as an ‘adult’ and act oh-so-mature, then let me ask you a simple question; WHO PROVIDES FOR YOUR POCKET MONEY?? Do you work to earn your keep without your parents’ support? When will your eyes be opened?

  44. She’s just 14 for God’s sake. An immature, materialistic 14 year old. Give the girl a chance. Yes, she slapped her own mother(who doesn’t deserve it at all) and even stole her jewelry to get money. This matter alone is going to stick with her for a long time. Every human being has feelings, have you guys ever think of the possiblity that she might be crying now, regretting all that she’s done? Leave her alone already.. .. .. BUT. If she’s enjoying her so-called “fame” right now and is not one bit regretful of her actions, she really hosehliao. Adelyn, if you are even reading this, know that if you are sincere in changing yourself and apologising to your mother, people will slowly come to forgive you, but if you are still proud of your actions, you are really fucked up. I feel sorry for your mum.

  45. I just wonder why she’s isn’t in girl’s home permanently yet.
    I know maybe she regrets and all, but why till it get all over the network?
    Stealing your mother’s money and then slapping her twice after?
    Aren’t grateful enough she didnt even report about you after you steal her instead you
    slapped her? Girl, you are in a serious situation.

    Is she so much of a attention-seeker? Even so, she should use the money in better use.
    Even if she were to steal that amount of money to buy a LV bag, and I were to see her outside
    with her ugly clothes and that LV bag, i would think its a replica anw.
    Summary: She’s make herself into a laughing stock.

  46. OMG , Thats your mum girl ! Not some play toy for you to do anything you want !!! I get angry at my mum for nagging at me but still , I don’t scold her nor do i shout at her because I as her child , understand how hard it is to take care of such a stubborn child like me so I AM PROUD OF MY MUM . When you need help , only your parents are willing to do anything for you , especially your mom ! Not some Ah Lian friend you got ! Tch , lame and childish thing to do .

  47. Hoseh, Jesus, the youth of Singapore are going to the dogs. Take a trip to Cine. They breed there brahs. Parents – beat your kids and stop having double income.

  48. I believe this is among the most important info for me. And i’m satisfied studying your article. But want to commentary on some common issues, The web site style is great, the articles is really great : D. Excellent job, cheers

  49. Lol! what’s with her eyebags at that age? she looks haggard and shagged. yes, shagged. oh and damn, god bless her. but u know what? at the end of the day…maybe her mum really did screw up thus leading to a screwed up kid. god bless her, and i thank her for being born. if not for her…we wld all have to really mug damn hard for exams. its ppl like her who makes life for us in school a bit easier. and who give us a chance to feel better knowing we aren’t the worst in the society structure. thank you adelyn and friends. <3

  50. I think your mom needs to be slap again. As she did nothing to correct your err, nor call in the police on your thefting act.

  51. Excellent beat ! I would like to apprentice even as you amend your site, how can i subscribe for a weblog web site? The account aided me a appropriate deal. I were tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided vibrant clear concept

  52. Yes, I have slapped my mother before when I was way younger (I don’t do such things anymore), and now I’m a teen. I don’t dare steal her money or be dishonest to her, though. In fact, I was never dishonest to her. Sorry, Adelyn, but I think that you should feel grateful that you have such beautiful looks because your mummy and daddy gave them to you. You should feel grateful that they nag at you because they really do care about you. They want you to be the best person you can ever be. Last time I used to hate my mom so much, but now, I look back and think that it’s the stupidest thing I ever did. All that hate harbored for three long years! I don’t hate her anymore, and maybe you should be nicer towards your mummy. I agree with some of the comments here. It’s not a nice feeling when a mummy remembers how she had you inside her womb, and then receives a slap in the face fourteen or fifteen years later. You should also feel grateful that you don’t have a mummy who forces you to study 24/7, makes you play the piano and the violin seven times a week and tells you to come back home after school immediately. You should also feel grateful that you don’t have a mummy who ignores you completely. Love your mum because she won’t be with you forever, and you know that :).

  53. And I think that if you really want a branded wallet, why not do well in your exams and ask your mom for one? Your school probably gives bursaries at the end of the school year, right? With that money you can buy all the branded bags you want! It’s better to work hard than take the shortcuts, because you’ll grow to realize that shortcuts will lead you to the hard way in life :). Isn’t it better to go through the bitter stuff first (like working hard in school) before experiencing the sweet stuff (like getting a handbag)? Some things which might be worth everything now might not be worth anything in the future; some things might be worth nothing now but could be a fortune a decade later. Is a branded wallet really important? What good will it do you in later years? True, I’m also a fashion addict. I’m in love with Gucci and Prada. But I’m willing to work hard to do well in my exams and then get all the Gucci wallets and Prada outfits I want when I grow up! 😀 Think about it :). If you’re willing to make a change in your life, then it’s never too late.

  54. This little CB kia, breast underdeveloped, pubes also not full,
    So much lanjiao pattern, in 4 years time, she will become a KTV girl or a fucking prostitute.

  55. As a psychology student.. we study that she is still at young age and these attitudes are bound to happen. It is okay to make mistake when you’re young like when she’s at that age. How we mentally insult her is what society wants to deal it their way. I personally feel that she has become of what society made her to become, in time, she will realise her mistake as she does now. As people of the world.. the biggest mistake that all humans made is that we don’t have unconditional positive regards. We always feel that people can never change.. thats why people like her who wants to change are afraid to take the first step. Think about it my fellow Singaporeans, if you take the first step, wouldn’t things have gone better?

    I’m just speaking from a psychological point of view. Just look up on Erik Erikson’s Psychosexual Development and you’ll understand.

    An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind -Mahatma Gandhi

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