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Gen Z Girls #ShowTheirBoobies So They Can Be #HottestPeopleOnTwitter

Via Pxdkitty:

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After the now infamous incident of Gen Z Ah Lian, Adelyn Hosehbo, boasting about slapping her own mother on Facebook; we now have Gen Z girls #ShowTheirBoobies on Twitter in their attempts to become the #HottestPeopleOnTwitter.

What is wrong with Gen Z girls???

A characteristic of Generation Z is that they are highly connected, with many having had lifelong usage of communications and media  technologies such as the Internet, instant messaging, text messaging, mobile phones and YouTube, earning them the name, “digital natives”.

However, this does not mean they have to post everything online, including pictures of their under-developed boobies:

Gen Z Girls #ShowTheirBoobies on Twitter and Facebook
Gen Z Girls #ShowTheirBoobies on Twitter and Facebook

Is there no distinction between private and public space for these girls?


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